Critical Peak Pricing Event Day

If your business is on a Time of Use Plus (CPP-D), it matters when you use energy—especially if SDG&E called a CPP Event Day. 

CPP Event Days are called during times when demand is highest—typically, but not always, between May and October, and last from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. With a Time of Use Plus plan, we can call an event any day of the week, but no more than 18 times a year. 

When we call an event, Time of Use Plus customers have three choices:

  1. Offset energy use to another time.
  2. Continue to use energy like normal, and incur substantially higher rates.
  3. Reserve energy ahead of time and use it during the Event. This is known as “capacity reservation,” and we’ll discuss it below.

What is Capacity Reservation?

The Capacity Reservation Charge option lets you proactively reserve a given amount of electric usage (in kilowatts) that you want to protect from the high price of electricity during a CPP event. You pay for these “protected hours” through a fixed monthly Capacity Reservation Charge (CRC). Think of it as pre-purchasing energy at your normal rate, and then having it available on an event day.

You don’t have to opt in, but if you don’t, and an Event Day is called and you don’t offset your energy, your bill may be much higher.


You have three convenient options for signing up:

  • Sign up in My Account.
  • Contact your Account Executive.
  • Call the Business Contact Center at 800-336-7343 for help in making Critical Peak Pricing work for your business.

If you have multiple meters, you must submit a separate capacity reservation level for each meter

Account Maintenance

If you're unable to apply online, you can still make changes to your account information by providing one or more of the forms. 

Event notification form

Tell us how you'd like to be notified.

Event notification form 

Capacity reservation election form

Reserve the capacity that suits your needs.

Capacity reservation form

Opt-out form

Opt-out of Time of Use Plus (CPP-D)

Opt-out form

Complete the forms, then mail or fax to:

San Diego Gas & Electric
Attention: Critical Peak Pricing
8306 Century Park Court, CP42I
San Diego, CA 92123
Fax: 858-385-3923

Frequently Asked Questions

We notify customers of Critical Peak Pricing event days via text or email by 3 p.m. the day before an event is activated. If you’re enrolled, now is a good time to double-check your contact information so we’ll be able to send notice to the right place.

CPP events may be called up to 18 times per calendar year. They can occur year-round, seven days a week from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

We may call a CPP event when reductions in electricity use by customers are needed during periods of high electric demand or when electric system reliability is in jeopardy.  The most common triggers are based on system load and temperature.

Other triggers can include electrical emergency alerts issued by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) or an SDG&E system emergency that affects local grid operations.

No. Customers are not required to reduce electric load during a CPP event. However, if your electric usage is not covered through a capacity reservation, all electric usage during a CPP event will be charged at a rate that is significantly higher than the normal Time-Of-Use rates. We can help you plan your demand reduction strategies ahead of time, so you can respond without major disruption to your operations when an event is called.

An event called as the result of an electrical system emergency alert issued by the CAISO can only be cancelled by the CAISO. For every two CPP events cancelled by the CAISO, one CPP event will be credited towards the maximum number of events that can be called during the year. CPP events activated based on criteria other than electrical system emergency alerts issued by the CAISO cannot be cancelled.

The source for temperature forecasts is the Weather Channel.

SDG&E relies on forecasts so that we can give customers time to prepare for critical use periods. Because many businesses invest time and money into being able to respond to load reduction requests, we understand that it would complicate the situation to cancel a CPP event and have the business community keep re-adjusting their operations.

SDG&E’s system load information is available on the OASIS page on the CAISO website where you can view hourly system load and forecasts for each utility’s system within the CAISO control area.

We have highly-specific information, including a breakdown with kWh prices, posted here. This is a regulatory document that may not be user-friendly to the general public.

However, if you’d like additional information about making this pricing plan work for you, Call the Business Contact Center at 800-336-7343 for help in making Critical Peak Pricing work for your business.