Maintain your gas lines

As part of your natural gas service, we maintain the pipelines and meter leading up to your property. You’re responsible for maintaining all the gas lines on your side of the meter.

Such customer-owned gas lines include all piping that goes:

  • From the meter to the appliances on your property.
  • From a curbside gas meter to your property (when the meter is not right beside your home or business).
  • From your meter underground to a building, pool/spa heater, barbecue, stove or other gas equipment.

Prevent unsafe conditions

To prevent potential problems, contact a qualified plumbing contractor, heating contractor or pipe-locating professional to help you:

  • Find, inspect and repair your buried gas lines periodically as needed for good maintenance.
  • Immediately repair any unsafe conditions, such as corrosion or leaks.
  • Locate and mark customer-owned gas lines before digging nearby for any reason.

To have utility-owned gas lines marked for free, always contact DigAlert at 811 or at least two working days before digging.

NOTE: If you own a master-metered gas line system, the U.S. Department of Transportation requires you to notify your tenants of this information. You may do so by keeping this notice posted continuously in a common area frequented by your tenants.

SDGE Gas Line Ownership