SDG&E Clean Transportation Initiatives

Why we're involved in transportation electrification

Our company’s mission is to become the cleanest, safest, and most reliable energy infrastructure company in America. A big part of ensuring we meet the clean part of our mission is facilitating the transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) and equipment.

Electrification Projects

At both the regional and state level, the transportation sector is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions – a key driver behind climate change and a major source of air pollution. To address this, California has set a goal of having five million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2030 and to phase out the sales of new gas-powered cars by 2035.

To enable this transition, we have been working to aggressively expand the charging infrastructure in our region to support cars, buses, trucks, shuttles and more, while also simultaneously upgrading our own company fleet to drive down emissions.

Our company fleet goals are to:

  • Electrify 100% of our light-duty fleet and transition 30% of our overall fleet to zero-emission vehicles by 2030
  • Operate a 100% zero-emission fleet by 2040

Below is a list of current projects in our service area (San Diego and South Orange Counties).

Power Your Drive for Fleets

This program will help build the charging infrastructure needed to electrify a minimum of 3,000 trucks, buses, forklifts and other medium-duty and heavy-duty electric vehicles/equipment at 300 sites. Customers can choose to own/maintain charging stations themselves or have SDG&E assume ownership and maintenance responsibilities.  Visit our Power Your Drive for Fleets program page for more information.

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Power Your Drive for Schools, Parks and Beaches

This program will bring 340 chargers to approximately 50 sites. These locations will include some of the most frequented community facilities in the region such as parks, beaches and schools to accommodate existing electric vehicle (EV) drivers and encourage EV adoption. Click here for more information. 

Power Your Drive for Work and Homes

The program installed more than 3,000 electric vehicle chargers at local businesses, condominiums and apartments. A special pricing plan for PYD participants gives drivers the freedom to choose what they are willing to pay for electricity.   See our Power Your Drive page for more information. 

Electric Vehicles

Accelerate to Zero Emissions

A2Z San Diego is a regional collaborative to curb air pollution and climate change through zero-emission transportation. The Core Team includes SDG&E, SANDAG, City of San Diego, County of San Diego and the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District. Click here for more information.

SB 350 Pilot Projects

  1. Port and airport electrification
    12 installations to support electric medium-duty/heavy-duty vehicles and forklifts within the Port of San Diego’s waterfront properties.

  2. Fleet delivery trucks
    79 charging stations installed to support fleet delivery vehicles at four locations.

  3. Park & Ride lots along highways
    88 chargers, including DC fast chargers — the fastest chargers available — have been installed at four public Caltrans Park & Ride locations. Learn more about the opening of these locations here.

  4. Green shuttles
    12 charging stations at four locations to support shuttles running on fixed routes.

  5. Dealership EV Education/Incentive Programs
    Educational programs and financial incentives for 15 local dealerships to help grow the sales of EVs in the region.

  6. Airport Ground Support Equipment
    16 charging ports installed at San Diego International Airport to support electric ground support equipment used to service aircraft between flights.

Electrification Projects Pending Approval

High-Power EV Rate: SDG&E is awaiting approval from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to offer a new optional subscription pricing plan for commercial customers using direct current fast chargers to power their medium-duty/heavy-duty fleets. The plan allows customers to choose the amount of power they need for their charging stations and pay for it with a monthly subscription fee. For more information, download our fact sheet.

Power Your Drive  for Work and Homes Extension: SDG&E has filed an application with the CPUC to extend its original Power Your Drive program to install more charging stations at multi-unit dwellings and workplaces. This extension program proposes to install 2,000 charging nozzles at 200 sites and will offer workplace site hosts the opportunity to own/install/maintain their chargers.