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Rising energy costs, primarily due to unprecedented natural gas market conditions nationally, are straining many Southern California households.  At SDG&E, we hear your concerns and fully understand the difficulties of the situation.

 Having a better grasp of what goes into your bills may not ease the burden of paying them. But as our customer, you deserve to know what you are paying for, why and have more information about future decisions that can impact energy pricing.

 We also want to make sure we provide clear information on available resources and potential assistance programs, including payment arrangements and monthly discount programs, along with the steps we’re taking to help make energy bills more affordable.  Learn more about payment and bill assistance programs.

2023 Energy Rates
2024 Energy Rates and Who Sets Them

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Budget Proposal
2024-2027 Electric and Gas Budget Proposal

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Why your rates are higher
Your SDG&E Bill and Why Rates Are Higher

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What valuable benefits do customer receive
Valuable Benefits to Customers

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Building for a better future
Our Commitment to Climate Goals

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What's being done
Making Bills More Affordable

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