Terms and Conditions


Thank you for your participation in the San Diego Gas and Electric ELRP Residential (“Pilot”). On March 26, 2021, the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) issued Decision D.21-03-056 which approved the Emergency Load Reduction Program (“ELRP”) pilot. The CPUC subsequently issued D.21-12-015 making modifications to the ELRP which included a large-scale program for residential customers. Later the CPUC issued D.23-12-005 which made additional modifications to the pilot. Participation is legally bound by the Pilot’s participation terms and conditions (“Terms”).

  1. The Pilot. The Pilot includes Participants who have been automatically enrolled or elect to participate for the Demand Response (DR) season for Pilot event hours (“Event”) as defined below. SDG&E will use each Pilot Participant’s interval meter data to measure performance across the Pilot Events.
  2. Participant Eligibility. SDG&E shall determine in its sole discretion Participant’s eligibility which must include:
    1. Participant receives electric service on a residential rate.
    2. Participant has an active service agreement with SDG&E.
    3. Participant has an interval data meter. 
    4. Participant is not enrolled in any other SDG&E, Demand Response Provider (“DRP”), Community Choice Aggregator (“CCA”), or third-party supply-side DR program.
    5. Participant is not an electric customer of a CCA who has opted out of being included in the Pilot.
  3. Pilot Enrollment Period. The Pilot shall continue until at least December 31, 2025, unless extended, or Participant’s enrollment is terminated sooner (“Pilot Enrollment Period”) or eligibility changes resulting Participant unenrollment.
  4.  ELRP A.6. Residential Customers Events. ELRP A.6. Residential Customers events will be triggered the day ahead by a CAISO Flex Alert or by a CAISO EEA watch. Events may occur between May 1st and October 31st and the event hours will be between 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM.
  5. Pilot Incentives. Participants who have participated in events will receive an incentive for Event participation in 2024 and 2025. The incentive value has been set by the CPUC at $1 per kilowatt hour as based on the incremental load reduction during Event hours. SDG&E retains sole discretion for the calculation of the incremental load reduction. The incentive will be paid as a bill credit to Participants who have an active service agreement. Currently, the ELRP A.6 baseline is calculated for each account for each event and used to determine the incremental load reduction for each event. The baseline for a weekday event will be calculated by averaging the total event period consumption from the three (3) days with the highest event period consumption out of the immediately preceding five (5) similar days (also known as a “3 of 5”). Similar days will exclude weekends, holidays, and ELRP A6 event days.
  6. Communications. Participant has the option to provide and maintain a valid email address or cellular phone number for Pilot communications, accepts responsibility for the receipt of these communications and any consequences of not receiving them. Participant may not unsubscribe from the pilot e-mail communications associated with their account or bill but may terminate pilot enrollment at any time for any reason contacting [email protected] in which case the participant will no longer receive Pilot communications. Participant may unsubscribe from Pilot text notifications at any time by following instructions in event notifications or as directed on the website. It may take up to 10 days for the Participant to stop receiving text notifications.
  7. Participant Information. I consent to allow SDG&E to share my energy usage and associated account and billing data to carry out the Pilot’s purpose. Such information includes, but is not limited to, my energy consumption and billing data, SDG&E billing records, billing history, meter usage data, and rate information. My checking account and payment information will not be shared. I understand and acknowledge that SDG&E may also be required to disclose my energy usage information to its regulators, such as the California Public Utilities Commission, or other authorities, upon request. I understand that SDG&E will maintain the confidentiality of my energy use data and other personal information in accordance with its privacy and security policies and applicable law.
  8. Costs. SDG&E is not responsible for providing any costs associated with equipment that might aid Participant in the Pilot, i.e., devices, internet access, or, if any, impact to Participant’s electric bills. 
  9. No Warranty; Disclaimer. SDG&E expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind relating to the Pilot, whether express, implied or statutory (including, without limitation, any implied warranties for conditions or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement or misappropriation of intellectual property rights). 
  10.  Limitation of Liability. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, under no circumstances shall SDG&E be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, arising in connection with the Pilot. If Participant is dissatisfied with the Pilot, any of these Terms, or believes SDG&E has breached these Terms in any way, Participant’s sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue participation in the Pilot.
  11.  Pilot Participation Termination. 
    1. Termination by SDG&E. SDG&E has the sole discretion to terminate the Pilot, or Participant’s participation in the Pilot, at any time without cause by providing Participant written notice.
    2. A customer participating in ELRP A.6 is permitted, at any time, to enroll in a market-integrated DR program offered by the IOU, third-party DRP, or CCA. After SDG&E becomes aware that the Participant’s service account has been enrolled in a market-integrated DR program, SDG&E will de-enroll the service account from ELRP A.6. 
    3. A customer participating in ELRP A.6 is permitted, at any time, to enroll in ELRP A.4 or ELRP A.5. After SDG&E becomes aware that the Participant’s service account has been enrolled in ELRP A.4. or ELRP A.5 SDG&E will de-enroll the service account from ELRP A.6.
    4. Termination by Participant. Participant may terminate their enrollment in the Pilot at any time for any reason by contacting [email protected].  
  12. General. 
    1. Entire Agreement. These Terms are the entire agreement between SDG&E Participant concerning the Pilot’s eligibility and participation requirements. 
    2. No Assignment. These Terms may not be assigned by Participant without SDG&E’s prior written consent. 
    3. Severability and Waiver. If any provision herein is invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect. 
    4. Survival. Termination of the Participant’s enrollment in the Pilot’s will not affect the parties’ obligations and rights under these Terms which by their sense and context are intended to survive such termination. 
    5.  CPUC Jurisdiction. These Terms shall be subject to all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to ELRP (including, without limitation, any decisions, orders or rules of the CPUC). 
    6. Amendments. These Terms may be changed by SDG&E from time to time and any changes will be published in revisions to this document and/or posted to SDG&E’s website.

Updated January 25, 2024