Technology Incentives

The program provides qualified commercial customers with incentives to help with technologies that enable load reduction, through automated demand response, at the customer location. The program offers up to two hundred dollars ($200.00/kw) of approved, installed and verified kW reduction from a load shed test or 75% of the cost of installing enabling devices, whichever is less for Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR) measures. Only Auto-DR measures that meet open Auto DR Standards will be considered eligible for incentives under this program.

Getting Started

  • Review the Technology Incentive Fact Sheet for more information on:
    • Customer requirements for incentive eligibility
    • What to expect during the application process
    • More information on incentive payments

How to Apply

Call our Demand Response Program group at 1-866-377-4735 or email [email protected] Once you receive the application fill it out and follow these steps:

  1. Submit the following to [email protected] (in open excel format):
    1. A complete list of automated demand response (ADR) control points
    2. A list of hardware
    3. All spec sheets installed with the project
    4. The estimated kilowatt reduction per automated demand response measure 
    5. Your certification of ADR 2.0a compliance (pdf) as of this year
  2. Once you receive application approval from SDG&E, we'll conduct a pre-inspection of your facility
  3. SDG&E will then issue an agreement (pdf) authorizing work to begin
  4. Once installation is complete, notify SDG&E with an installation report (xls) and an invoice template (xls) - see Invoice Guidelines (pdf)
  5. SDG&E will schedule and conduct a load shed test of the equipment
  6. Based on load shed test performance, SDG&E will issue the incentive check in compliance with the incentive payment terms and conditions found on the Technology Incentives Project Agreement section 7.0.


Call our Demand Response Programs group at 1-866-377-4735 or email [email protected]

The Technology Incentive Program’s incentives are paid on a first-come, first served basis until program funds are no longer available or until the Technology Incentive Program is terminated, whichever comes first. The Program is administered by SDG&E under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission and may be modified or terminated at any time.