Your Summer Savings Guide

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July was the hottest month ever recorded in California. In San Diego the trend continued as the first two weeks in August have recorded the hottest on record for that period of time with an average temperature of 86.5 degrees-- a full 10 degrees higher than the average high.. 

This extreme heat that we’ve all been experiencing has many of us using more energy than normal as we turn on air conditioners and fans in an effort to cool down. The increase in energy use combined with summer pricing have resulted in our bills being higher than normal. Additionally, some residential customers are seeing an increase because they are hitting the mandated High Usage Charge, introduced by the state to encourage energy efficiency,  that went into effect November 2017. What this means is that if your household exceeds 400% of the electricity needed to cover your basic energy needs like lighting, cooking, heating and refrigeration for your household then you will be charged at the highest tier of electricity pricing. On your bill it is called the baseline allowance and the amount allocated for each customer is different but it is determined by your climate zone, season and whether you’re a gas only or gas/electric customer. 

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While we know that managing your energy is not something that is at the top of your “to do” list, but it is something that you can gain control over by taking just a few steps. Log into My Account where you can choose a Time of Use pricing plan, one which will not incur a High Usage Charge, that allows you to have more control over your energy use. 

Check out the links below for additional tips and solutions to help you save not only this summer but all year round.

These plans are based on the time of day you’re using energy. You can save by shifting your electricity use to lower cost hours of the day or by reducing your overall usage.

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