System Reliability

How We Measure Electric Reliability

Providing you with safe and reliable power is our top priority. We constantly track and monitor electricity (planned & unplanned) outages across our service area, and we measure our “Electric Reliability” from this data.

The two metrics we rely on are the following: the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and the System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI). Both are common metrics in the electric utility industry. 

  • SAIDI measures the amount of time the average SDG&E customer experienced a power outage or interruption for more than five minutes (called a “sustained outage”) in a given year. Our five-year SAIDI average is approximate 60 minutes per customer.
  • SAIFI is the number of times the average SDG&E customer experienced a sustained outage in a given year. 

Submitting a Request

You can request an electric reliability report for your home or business by following one of the steps below:

You'll need your SDG&E account number, meter number and circuit number to complete the process. This information can be found on your bill.

Report Request

Your request may take up to fifteen business days for us to complete.  We'll mail your report via USPS.  

Annual Reliability Communications