2014 Energy Efficiency Compliance Advice Letter

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Appendices A-C

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Appendix A: Budget Request Filing Summary Tables

Table 1. Commission Adopted and Proposed Energy Savings Goals
Table 2. Total 2015 Requested and 2010-2014 Authorized Budgets ($000)
Table 3. Past and Requested Energy Efficiency Budgets
Table 4. Unspent Energy Efficiency Program Funding
Table 5. 2013 Authorized and Spent/Unspent Detail
Table 6.1 Estimated and Claimed Savings 2010-2015
Table 7.1 TRC Cost-Effectiveness Scenario Results

Appendix B: Placemats

B.1 Budget Placemat Table
B.2 Savings Placemat and Cost Effectiveness Table
B.3 Budget, Spent, Unspent and Carryover Details

Appendix C: Savings Allocation and Funding Sources

Table 1.1 - Projected GROSS Annual Savings Impacts by Year
Table 1.2 - 2013-2014 Total Projected Gross Portfolio Savings Impacts
Table 1.3 - 2013-2014Projected Savings Impacts of Resource Programs by Market Sector
Table 2.1 - Bill Payer Impacts - Rates by Customer Class
Table 2.1a - Electric Bill Payer Impacts - Revenues and Rates by Customer Class
Table 2.1b - Gas Bill Payer Impacts Revenues by Customer Class
Table 2.2 - Budget and Cost Recovery by Funding Source

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Appendix D: Cost Effectiveness (E3)
2014 Compliance Filing