Fixed Backup Power Program

Whole Home Generator Program

This program is only eligible to customers that are in pre-determined geographical areas of the region. Anyone who has not received an exclusive letter or email from SDG&E regarding this program may not be eligible.

About the Program

SDG&E’s priorities include providing you with clean, safe, and reliable energy. We want to help prepare our customers who live in areas with a higher threat of Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) by making sure they have the energy they need when they need it. A PSPS is a last-resort tool that SDG&E® uses to help reduce the risk of wildfires when conditions threaten our ability to safely operate our system.

Our Fixed Backup Power (FBP) program offers pre-selected, eligible customers permanently installed stationary generators that can power your home during a PSPS or other type of power outage. There are no fees for participating customers, and the generator will be installed free-of-charge. If you would like to move forward with this exclusive program, please fill out the application linked below.

 Complete the Application 

Pre-selected customers were chosen based on their elevated threat to wildfires and their previous experience with PSPS events. If you haven’t been invited to participate in this program, please visit our generator safety page for tips and considerations.


As a provider of critical infrastructure services, it is imperative that we and our contractors remain able to perform essential safety work, such as this effort, during this Covid-19 global pandemic in order to operate and maintain the systems that provide power to our customers. As required by the county health restrictions also in effect, and for customer protection, our contractors are required to practice appropriate social distancing and utilize appropriate hygiene measures while performing work, including the use of face coverings and other personal protective equipment as needed.

Click the link below for generator safety tips and to watch a generator safety video.  Your safety is always SDG&E's primary focus. 

 Tips and Video 


Process and Procedures

Eligible customers are informed about the program and directed to complete an application (see link above).  Accepted applications will be routed to our approved and Generac certified installers for further scheduling and installation.

Eligible customers are informed about the program and directed to complete an application. Accepted applications will be routed to our approved and Generac certified installers for further scheduling and installation.

A certified installer will contact eligible customers within 7 business days to schedule an onsite assessment at the installation location.  During the assessment, the installer will conduct preliminary design and evaluation of your location to identify any potential challenges or special requirements. At the end of the appointment, the certified installer will provide you with a participation agreement that outlines the equipment and terms & conditions.

Shortly after your acceptance of the participation agreement, the installers will begin working on final permitting and project design activities that are specific to your project location.  Installers will also secure any additional approvals and required equipment & materials. This process can take up to 4 to 6 weeks.

A pre-construction site visit will occur 1 to 3 days prior to each installation.  Installers will finalize any preparation for the site and share details about what you can expect over the course of the installation.  The installation process itself can take up to 2 days. Quality inspections, customer demonstrations and training on how to maintain the new generator properly and safety will take at this time.

A final safety inspection will occur a via County representatives after the installation, which can take up to 2 weeks.  Once the installation process is complete, your generator will be ready for back-up use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent generators are generally only provided to one home per property (i.e., primary residences).  This program does not provide additional generators for vacation rentals and other temporary housing situations.  If there are multiple accounts on one property, all of which are primary residences (i.e., a permanent tenant), all accounts may be eligible for generation.  Please email us at [email protected] to discuss requirements.

Early enrollment in this program is strongly recommended as this program is only available on a first come first served bases until all supplies have been exhausted. SDG&E may modify or terminate the program without prior notice to the customer. 

Project times can vary depending on individual site needs.  Please review the Process and Procedures section above to learn more about the different milestones for each project.  Once you’ve been accepted into this program, your Generac certified installer will be able to provide you with personalized project timelines.

SDG&E works with Generac Power Systems to install the permanent standby generators. Eligible customers will receive an appropriately sized generator depending on site needs, typically the Generac 22kW Response Series Generator which is displayed in the picture above. Once your enrollment is confirmed, your Generac Certified Installer will be able to set up a house generator assessment and will be able to answer any specific questions regarding the generator, installation, and maintenance.


More Information 

Contact us at [email protected]. To ensure a quick reply, please use FBP Inquiry in the subject line of the email.