Reduce waste and help a local non-profit in need

Switching to paperless billing has many benefits for you. When you make the switch now you’ll also be helping a local non-profit. For every switch to paperless we’ll donate $10 on your behalf to one of the non-profits you choose below.

Step 1: Pick a Charity

Charity names:
Terms & Conditions

If you select one of the non-profit organizations listed above as part of your request to switch paperless billing, SDG&E will make a donation in the amount of [ten dollars ($10)] to such organization, subject to these terms and conditions. The donation will be a one-time transaction, processed on a quarterly basis, and you are only eligible for one donation per account. You may only choose one non-profit. SDG&E will not share your information with the non-profit organization you select and the donation will be made in SDG&E’s name. SDG&E MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES ABOUT THE NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS LISTED ABOVE, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, HOW THE NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION WILL USE THE DONATED FUNDS, THE TAX STATUS OF ANY SUCH ORGANIZATION, OR WHETHER ANY DONATION MADE PURSUANT TO THIS OPTION IS A CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION UNDER STATE OR FEDERAL LAW. The non-profit organizations selected to participate in this option may change at any time at SDG&E’s sole discretion, without notice, and SDG&E reserves the right to direct any designated donation to a different non-profit organization (listed on or otherwise). SDG&E may modify, remove, or amend this option at any time, without notice.