Customer Generation Interconnection
Notification-Only Process


On June 4, 2021, the California Public Utilities Commission issued Decision D.21-06-002, which, among other things, adopted a two-year pilot program that permits certain small non-export Generating Facilities*  to interconnect and operate in parallel with SDG&E’s Distribution System under a Notification-Only Process for certain small non-export projects (Notification-Only Process) in lieu of the standard interconnection application process.

Under the Notification-Only Process, pre-approved contractors are permitted to submit a Notification-Only Package using SDG&E’s online portal, DIIS, no later than 15 days after obtaining electrical release from the local authority having jurisdiction to SDG&E and receive permission to operate (PTO) upon submission of the Notification-Only Package.  


Applying for Pre-Approved Contractor Status:

In order to become a pre-approved contractor eligible for participation in the Notification-Only Process, interested contractors are required to submit an eligibility request to SDG&E that includes:

  1. The contractor’s name and contact information
  2. A list of no less than 20 non-export projects, including the SDG&E application ID numbers, for which PTO was issued by SDG&E and how each project meets each of the eligibility criteria for the Notification-Only Process set forth below.  Please be sure to address all of the eligibility criteria.  Note: Pre-approved contractors are permitted to include on the list of previous projects that achieved non-export through means other than an Underwriter Laboratories-certified power control system equipped with an open loop response time of two seconds or less that is set to a non-export mode (e.g., a non-export relay).     

Interested contractors may begin submitting eligibility request on July 19, 2021.  Pre-approved contractors may begin submitting Notification-Only Packages immediately upon receiving pre-approval status from SDG&E.

Please submit completed eligibility requests to [email protected]    
SDG&E will provide a response within 10 business days after receiving a complete eligibility request. 

Eligible Generating Facilities: 

The Notification-Only Process cannot be used more than once at the same Point of Interconnection.  

Line-side taps are NOT permitted under the Notification-Only Process.

All of the following requirements must be met in order for a Generating Facility to be eligible for the Notification-Only Process:

  1. The total capacity of the Generating Facility must be less than or equal to 30 kilovolt-amps and may consist of one of the following options: 
    • A new non-export energy storage system, 
    •  A new non-export Generating Facility consisting of an energy storage system and a solar system, or 
    • A new energy storage system being added to an existing Generating Facility where the total Generating Facility capacity is non-export. 
  2. Each pre-approved contractor shall be limited to 10 non-export projects per circuit ; 
  3. Eligible Generating Facilities must use an Underwriter Laboratories-certified power control system equipped with an open loop response time of two seconds or less that is set to a non-export mode.  
  4. Eligible Generating Facilities shall be limited to 120-volt or 240-volt service equipped with a self-contained SDG&E billing meter;
  5. Eligible Generating Facilities shall be operated in a manner that does not increase the customer’s peak load; 
  6.  Eligible Generating Facilities shall use only pre-approved inverters; 
  7. Eligible Generating Facilities shall be installed such that when connected to a single-phase transformer with 120/240 volts secondary voltage, the aggregated gross output is as balanced as practicable between the two 120-volt legs of the 240-volt service.