Rules & Rights for Solar Customers

When you decide to go renewable, it’s important to empower yourself by understanding your rights as a consumer. California is continuously updating these rules to make it easier for you to be protected and informed.

Recently, new rules came into effect through bill AB 1070. We’ve summarized some of the main points below, or you can read the text of the bill here.


You Are Entitled To:

Clear and Concise Information: Solar energy systems companies are required to provide you with information on installation, costs, energy savings, finance options, and other disclosures before you sign a contract. This language must be consumer friendly and more or less match that of marketing materials.

Standardized Assumptions: The Public Utilities Commission is developing standards for assumptions that are used to calculate and communicate savings to consumers.

Three-Day Contract Cancellation: New rules allow you to cancel a solar contractor within three days of signing for any reason.

Submit Complaints: The Contractors State License Board must receive and compile complaints and consumer questions. This feedback will then be published in an annual report to be posted on the board’s and Public Utility Commission’s websites.


Rules Change Often

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