Finding a Qualified Solar Contractor

A qualified solar contractor can help you navigate the process, take care of paperwork and permits, and of course safely and expertly install your system. You contractor should provide free written estimates and comprehensive quotes and be eligible for incentive programs*.


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Contractor Checklist


  1. Get three or more estimates: Estimates can vary in price. Get them in writing.
  2. Licensed contractors only: You can confirm your contractor’s license here. Check it regularly.
  3. Check insurance & bonding: Make sure contractors are sufficiently insured for your project.
  4. Request references: Try to speak to at least three, and visit previous projects if you can.
  5. Read before you sign: Take the time to read and understand documents before signing.
  6. Know Your Rights: California has rules to protect consumers who install solar. Stay informed about your rights. Learn More


* Please keep in mind that SDG&E doesn’t endorse any particular contractor and the projected savings are estimates based on SDG&E’s current rates. The calculated savings, depending on the amount of solar energy you want to produce, is an estimate based on the historical energy use of your home. It is important to understand that these estimated savings are based on SDG&E’s current rates and that changes to rates and/or rate structures and incentive availability may impact the amount of savings in future years. The California Public Utilities Commission is currently evaluating electric rate structures which could affect future savings.