Smart Meter Opt-Out Form

If you choose to opt out of having a Smart Meter, you’ll incur the following charges set by the California Public Utilities Commission:

  • A $75 initial fee, as well as a $10 ongoing monthly charge.

  • Customers enrolled in the CARE program pay a $10 initial fee, as well as a $5 ongoing monthly charge.

  • This monthly charge will be billed for a period of three years from the opt-out enrollment date. 

Please complete all fields in the form below to submit your smart meter opt-out preference.

Customer Information
Do you operate life support or other sensitive medical equipment in your home?
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Opt out of using an electric smart meter

By making this selection, I AGREE that I am a named, authorized person on the customer account number entered above. Further, I am indicating that I want to opt-out of the Smart Meter Program, and am opting for the analog mechanical meter alternative, and am aware of the initial setup and monthly charges, which will be added to my SDG&E bill. By opting out, I understand that all smart meter-enabled services, including energy alerts and special rate programs will not be available to me and I thus agree to forfeit these services and benefits.

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