Home Area Network Device Compatibility Validation

With the adoption of smart meter technology, customers will have an ever-increasing choice of devices for managing energy use. Through the California Investor-Owned Utilities’ (CA IOUs) Home Area Network (HAN) Device Compatibility Validation, you can ensure that your product is compatible with our smart meters.  The CA IOUs are San Diego Gas and Electric, Pacific Gas and Electric, and SoCal Edison.

Why validate your product?

This validation is required by the CA IOUs for all HAN devices before they can be provisioned to our smart meters.  SDG&E won’t be able to connect devices that haven’t successfully passed testing, even if a customer purchased the device.

Additionally, SDG&E will give our customers a list of approved devices that they can choose from for use in their homes.

How to participate

SDG&E has an agreement with NTS and TuV to perform HAN device validation testing.  To provide more options for HAN manufacturers, this page will be updated as agreements are made with other third-party labs. 

To start the validation process, please review and download the CA Investor-Owned Utilities’ HAN Device Compatibility Validation Guide*, then submit the submission form, application and agreement**.  Click here for an overview of the process. Manufacturers must complete this process for each utility to validate their devices. Each utility is then responsible for responding to the submission.  SDG&E will notify you by email if the mandatory paperwork requirements have been met with instructions for contacting the third-party lab.  Third-party HAN validation testing is a fee-based service provided by the third-party lab.  Pricing negotiations shall be between you and the third-party lab, and payment is to be made directly to them.  SDG&E is not responsible for any pricing options, and does not participate in any payment transactions between HAN manufacturers and the third-party lab.

CA IOUs HAN Device Compatibility Validation Guide

CA IOUs Submission form, Application & Agreement

CA IOU Interoperability Testing Requirements

Email the completed application to SDG&E at: [email protected]

Validation Testing Information

Currently, SDG&E’s smart meters are manufactured by Itron and your device will be tested using the following hardware and firmware combinations:

Hardware versions: 2.0, 3.0 

Firmware version: 3.9

Please note that these combinations will change from time to time as SDG&E makes upgrades to its system. Check this website periodically for updates.

*Due to the continuing evolution of the technology, the guide is subject to ongoing revisions as the CA IOUs modify the validation and its smart meter system to accommodate and encompass new developments in both HAN and smart meter technologies

**SDG&E suggests that device manufacturers check this website on a regular basis to make sure they’re referring to the current versions of the guide.