Power Your Drive for Schools

EV Charging Infrastructure Program

In a continued effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and air pollution, SDG&E® has adopted a new program that will bring 196 EV chargers installed at approximately 30 schools. This includes K-12 campuses, vocational schools, community colleges and universities. The two types of chargers that will be installed include: Level 2 (208-240 volt) chargers that can provide up to 10-20 miles of range per hour of charging and DC fast chargers (480 volt) that can provide about 50-60 miles per hour of charging. These chargers will accommodate existing EV drivers and encourage EV adoption.

Schools EV Charging

Program Highlights

Public or private charging option

  • To serve charging needs of the general public and/or for employees

No Cost Installation of EV Charging Infrastructure & EVSE

Versatile Site Design

  • A variety of available site configurations allows for site host flexibility including L2 and DC Fast Charging

EV Pricing Plan

  • Site host or drivers will be billed on existing SDG&E time-of-use EV rate, allowing them to save money with off-peak charging

California Assembly Bills that made Power Your Drive for Schools, Parks and Beaches possible

Power Your Drive for Schools (Assembly Bill No. 1082)

Power Your Drive for Parks and Beaches (Assembly Bill No. 1083)

Equipment Ownership Options

Option #1: Site Host Ownership of EV Charging Stations/EVSE

  • Customer choice
  • School districts can elect to own, maintain & operate the EVSE
  • No cost for "make-ready" charging infrastructure
  • Rebate offered for EVSE, maintenance & networking

Option #2: SDG&E Ownership of EV Charging Stations

  • School districts can elect that SDG&E own, maintain and operate the EV charging stations (EVSE)
  • No cost for complete turnkey solution

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be school (K-12), higher education institution

  • Sites located in disadvantaged community (DAC) are preferred, but not required 

  • Agree to enroll in eligible Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing plan

  • Operate & maintain charging equipment for at least 8 years

  • Site must include an appropriate location to deploy the charging equipment in a cost-effective manner

  • Must provide charging data for at least 5 years

  • Own or lease property where chargers are to be installed or be the customer of record associated with meter

  • Provide an easement, if required

  • Agree to program terms & conditions

Interested in participating?

Contact us at [email protected].