Shutting Off Your Gas in an Emergency

An earthquake shut-off valve automatically shuts off the gas flow to your property when triggered by a large earthquake. There are two types of earthquake shut-off valves:

  1. Natural gas seismic shut-off valve – shuts off your gas service at the valve location.
  2. Excess flow valve – automatically shuts off your gas when a significant gas leak or overpressure surge occurs at a pipe or appliance beyond the valve.

Installing Earthquake Valves 

Your local department of building and safety may require the installation of an earthquake valve.

The valve must be placed on your house line, and not on SDG&E equipment, including pipe fittings up to and including the last elbow or tee connecting to your houseline.

If you need to turn off the gas, contact us at 800-411-7343 to shut off and restore service.

Only SDG&E or our certified contractors are authorized to operate the gas service shut-off valve.

Unauthorized valve installations found on SDG&E facilities will be removed. Seismic or excess flow valves are not permitted anywhere in utility curb meter vaults.

Reset Your Service

To restore gas flow, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for resetting the valve or contact us.

Contact a licensed, qualified professional or SDG&E to verify that no leaks exist, ensure appliances are safe, and relight the pilot lights.