Distribution Integrity Management Program

Project Overview

Through our Gas Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP), we routinely and systematically evaluate risks to validate the integrity of gas pipelines and to identify problems that could compromise the pipes in our system. This evaluation process has been in place for decades to detect leaks and proactively repair and replace at-risk pipeline segments.
More recently, state and federal laws have imposed new requirements on pipeline operators like SDG&E to inspect and test their systems – all for the purpose of increased pipeline safety. Certain pipe segments have been identified for replacement based on a number of considerations, particularly early vintage polymer or “Aldyl-A" pipes. Aldyl-A pipes were deployed extensively in the 1970s and 1980s for suburban areas. DIMP pipe replacement projects are expected to occur mostly in suburban areas of San Diego. 

Expected project construction impacts

Whenever SDG&E installs a replacement pipeline in a community, efforts are made to minimize construction impacts. If a pipe replacement is happening in your community, you may see trucks and equipment on the streets, excavation sites, temporary “No Parking” signs on streets, possible lane reductions or closures, detours and temporary delays on surface streets.
You may also hear some work-related noise and notice an occasional natural gas odor. In some instances, there may also be temporary natural gas service interruptions.
To safely complete the pipe replacement work, a natural gas outage may be required. An SDG&E foreman will contact you prior to any outage, and a service technician will be on call to inspect and re-light your gas appliances upon completion of work activities.

Restoration efforts

It can take several weeks to install a replacement pipeline. When the project is completed, the excavated areas are “back-filled” and later graded and restored as closely as possible to their pre-construction condition. Any needed street or property repairs are also made. 

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If you have questions, please call DIMP Customer Information at 833-300-3227.