Pipeline 2010 Access Road
Repair Project on MCAS Miramar

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Access Road
Typical road grading in progress.


SDG&E is coordinating with Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar to repair an existing access road to allow SDG&E maintenance vehicles to drive along a natural gas pipeline right of way (Pipeline 2010 Access Road Repair). 

Over the last twenty years, seasonal inclement weather has eroded the access road. Traversing the length of the access road now requires high clearance 4-x-4 vehicles and cannot be traversed with typical maintenance vehicles. Federal, state, and local pipeline governing agencies require that SDG&E can respond to pipeline emergencies within a reasonable amount of time. With the current condition of the access road, SDG&E cannot meet this requirement. 

The project is located east of Interstate Highway 15 along an unnamed dirt access road located on MCAS Miramar property. The Line 2010 Access Road Repair Project has identified five locations which require repair with an additional three locations needed for laydown yards. A total of approximately 7,500 feet or about 1.5 miles of right of way property along the underground pipeline is part of this project. Two projects will take place in October 2021 and the three additional projects will take place in April 2022.

Ground disturbance includes recontouring eroded areas and placing riprap at three locations and installing conduit and a headwall at two locations within eroded soils to correct the flow across the access road; excavations will be limited at three locations and to no more than five feet in depth at the remaining two locations. The dimensions of each ground disturbing area depend on the state of erosion at each work site. Minor surface disturbance could occur within the laydown areas. 

Construction equipment will include vehicles, bulldozers, and track hoes. An excavator will be used to remove all loose and unsuitable soils from the eroded areas within the proposed work areas. The excavated erosion will be compacted, and a smooth surface will be produced for the installation of geotextile material, energy dissipators, headwalls, and culverts that will be installed within the work area. Slopes within each work area may be recontoured as necessary to provide a smooth and gradual transition to graded slopes, while preserving the basic character of the site. 

Additionally, mowing and grubbing will be required in the laydown yards and around the culverts. All vegetation within the work areas will be removed with the use of hand tools such as weed whackers, small chainsaws, rakes, and other small hand equipment. The trimmed vegetation will be removed and disposed of at an approved facility. Remediation for the five locations is estimated to take approximately 35 working days. This assumes a 10-hour workday with unrestricted access. 

Pipeline 2010 Access Map MCAS Miramar

Historic Properties

MCAS Miramar was first developed as two small farming communities Linda Vista in 1886 and Miramar in 1890. In the 1920’s, military development displacing most of the early community. In the early 1940’s, the general project area was occupied by the World War II Camp Elliott, but today only broken foundations remain. Areas affected by this Line 2010 access road repair project were intensely used for military training during the past century, including weapons and artillery firing.  Most of the project area continues to be used for weapons firing. The areas involved were also disturbed by construction of the original Line 2010 pipeline. 

The project area has been previously surveyed to identify cultural resources. Approximately 126 previous studies have taken place within one mile of the area of potential effects. The project area has been adequately surveyed. A cultural resource record search done for this undertaking identified two cultural resources within the project’s area of potential effects. One site is the WWII Camp Elliott (P-37-013814) and the other is a prehistoric milling feature (P-37-025580). Both sites were previously evaluated as not eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. As such, no historic properties will be affected by the undertaking.

MCAS Miramar is currently reviewing SDG&E’s Project. SDG&E is posting this information to inform the public and provide them with an opportunity to comment on the undertaking and its potential to effect historic properties under 36 CFR Section 800.2(d) and Section 800.3(e).  Information regarding the existence of historic properties at the project sites is requested. If you would like to make a comment or provide information on the project or historic properties, please submit your comment by e-mail to Ms. Shannon Foglia at [email protected] and Mr. David Boyer at [email protected], or to the following address:

PO BOX 452509
SAN DIEGO, CA 92145-2509