Interim Rate Waiver 

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SDG&E has been authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to offer an Interim Rate Waiver to DC fast charging (DCFC) and Medium-Duty/Heavy-Duty (MD/HD) electric vehicle (EV) customers. This waiver will allow eligible customers to take service on the existing Small Commercial Time-of-Use (TOU) rate, which has lower demand charges than existing Medium and Large Commercial rates.

TOU-M is otherwise limited to customers with maximum demand below 40 kilowatts. 

MDHD electric vehicles

Interim Rate Waiver Eligibility

An Eligible EV Charging Site is defined as electric load consisting solely of electric vehicle charging including: 

  • Direct current fast charging
  • Medium-duty and heavy-duty EV charging 

Direct current fast charging is defined as direct current electric vehicle supply equipment with an output of 20 kilowatts (“kW”) or greater and associated electric vehicle supply equipment located behind the same meter. Medium-duty and heavy-duty electric vehicles are defined as forklifts, truck stop electrification, transport refrigeration units, port cargo trucks, transit buses, school buses, airport ground support equipment, medium-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, and Class 2 through Class 8 on-road vehicles.

An Eligible EV Charging Site has only EV load (except for minimal load necessary to directly support the charging stations) and does not have any other electric load or use.

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