Green Button

Green Button Connect My Data

Now you can take control of your energy use and find new ways to save. Through Green Button Connect My Data you can now securely share your electric usage data with an authorized third-party vendor of your choice. Each vendor will analyze your data in unique ways to help you save energy.

Some tools and services have additional costs. Check with the tool or service provider for specifics.


Based on your input, you will be shown what apps best fit your need. In order to select an app you must be a registered user of My Account. If you need to register for My Account please click here (and proceed to Green Button Connect My Data once you are in). If you already have one please follow these steps:

  1. Select the criteria most important to you
  2. Hit Search and wait for the results
  3. Once the results appear write down the name of the third party vendor
  4. Log into My Account and proceed to Green Button Connect My Data