Gas & Electric Standard Fundamentals for Solar PV Systems

Many residential properties in our territory receive both gas and electric service.  When designing and installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, the Gas Standard for safety must be followed when the electrical panel is in the vicinity of the gas meter assembly. 

Important steps for all work related to electrical or gas work:

Any violation of the Gas Standard will delay issuing the Permission to Operate (PTO) for that PV system.  If an operating PV system is discovered to be violating the Gas Standard in a way that we determine is unsafe, the electric service to that property will be discontinued until the violation is corrected and made safe.

View the relevant information from the Gas Standard that applies to installing a PV system.

Please note the necessary clearances that must be followed surrounding the gas meter assembly and gas riser. Also note that it is not permitted to make electrical connections to SDG&E’s gas equipment.

Always call 811 before you dig.  Gas pipelines can be located anywhere and damaging a pipeline can be dangerous. We'll come to your home and mark locations of buried utility-owned gas pipelines free of charge. More information can be found here

The gas riser is a pipe which comes up from the ground and enters the gas meter assembly.  The gas riser and gas meter assembly are property of SDG&E.  Electric bonding to SDG&E’s gas service pipes, gas riser or gas meter assembly is not permitted.  Any use of our gas riser, gas pipes or gas meter assembly for electrical grounding or carrying electrical current in an unsafe condition will result in SDG&E discontinuing electric service until the electrical connection is removed and made safe.

View photos of gas standard violations