ECO Substation Reconstruction and Modernization Project

The completed reconstruction and modernization of the Boulevard substation, one of the key components of our ECO Substation project has been completed. The entire project includes a new 58-acre state-of-the art substation in the East County community of Jacumba, the upgraded substation in Boulevard and a 14-mile transmission line connecting the two substations. Both the substation as well as the new transmission line was put into service on Dec. 29, 2014.

Construction began in May 2013 and the new 500kV substation in Jacumba was completed a year later in June 2014.

The ECO Substation project interconnects with the existing 500 kV Southwest Powerlink transmission line, strengthening this part of the transmission system. The project is a vital reliability addition and will improve service to customers in the eastern part of San Diego County.

ECO Project Benefits:

  • Delivers renewable energy such as solar and wind

  • Reduces emissions and fossil fuel dependence

  • Improves energy reliability

Four Components  Comprised This Project:

Delivering renewable power

Constructing a new electric substation along SDG&E’s existing Southwest Powerlink 500 kilovolt transmission line to deliver energy generated from the wind, sun, and steam heat from the earth.

Improving reliability

Rebuilding and modernizing the existing 60-year-old Boulevard substation on land adjacent to the current site off Highway 80.

Transferring clean energy

Connecting the two substations with a new 14-mile, lower voltage transmission line to improve reliability and transmit wind power to the Southwest Powerlink.

Linking ECO Substation with the Existing Southwest Powerlink

Connecting to the Southwest Powerlink  facilitates the transmission of renewable energy to SDG&E customers and provides a steady flow of reliable power to the local area.

More Information

Contact SDG&E's Public Affairs Department for more information.

Todd Voorhees
Public Affairs Manager
[email protected]

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