SDG&E values the skills and expertise you’ve gained serving in the military.  We are actively looking to hire veterans and strengthen our company with your talent.  Positions within SDG&E provide opportunities to take on the same kind of long-term challenges and leadership opportunities you tackled during your military service.  We look forward to helping you engage, grow, and serve the community of San Diego.  Thank you for your service to our nation.

Match Your Skills

The Energy Industry needs individuals like you – our military service members and veterans – and welcomes the unique skills and experience you can bring to our workforce. As an initial step, start here to assess how your skills align with positions commonly hired.

Through our partnership with the Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD), the Troops to Energy Jobs website, provides veterans a clear pathway to landing a job in the energy sector. Through the site, veterans are guided step by step in transferring their military training to a new energy job, identifying any additional education and credentials needed, along with providing the resources to get that additional training. Veterans can locate and apply for jobs based on positions that best match their military experience and desired location. This is all done with the ease of utilizing the sites interactive Troops to Energy Jobs Roadmap.  

We work with more than 20 military-based organizations, making SDG&E an excellent organization for veterans. Your hard work, special knowledge and skills are valued in your career here.

At SDG&E, we offer rewarding careers, challenging opportunities that demand technical and problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, craft skills and much more. 

Visit Troops to Energy Jobs


The VALOR program is designated as the primary veteran employee resource at our company and serves veteran employees transitioning to a post-military career. VALOR does this by assisting their integration into the company culture through mentorship, empowerment and building community.


It further accomplishes this by focusing on three objectives:

  1. Onboarding -- Partnering with Human Resources and Staffing departments, VALOR supports veteran employees through the initial transitional period in adapting to our company’s workforce and culture. 
  2. Development -- VALOR hosts engaging professional networking, training, and mentoring events and opportunities throughout the year to build community and share knowledge across our organization. 
  3. Outreach – Through our Community Relations department, VALOR members collaborate and give back through outreach to local service organizations, veterans and their families.

Meet Our Veterans

Like you, our veterans served our country selflessly.  We honor our veterans and showcase their honor, courage, and commitment.  Find out what our outstanding veteran employees here at SDG&E have to say.

What tips do you have for people looking to transition from military to the corporate sector?

  • Be ready to be right in sometimes unexpected ways and lead by example.
  • Be patient no matter your length of service – three to thirty years – this will feel like home soon.
  • Be thirsty for knowledge and ready to learn.
  • Be open to new experiences and ways of thinking and doing.

Jeni Reynolds, Director – Clean Transportation

What tips do you have for people looking to transition from military to the corporate sector?

Most everything you have been taught in the military will apply in the corporate sector. Technical skills, discipline, motivation, determination and integrity all carry over into what can be a successful career if you apply yourself. I even use skills from my background in reconnaissance, battle planning and tactics when I tackle new assignments. Everything I learned carried over, even if it was not directly related to my corporate job.

David Martinez II, Principal Labor Relations Advisor

photo of David Martinez

How has the Valor program helped you?

VALOR has helped me connect with other veterans and their families. It has helped me network with our managers, executives and coworkers and create a more engaged work-life experience. VALOR has also provided opportunities to give back to our employees and our communities in the service of others. This broadens my desire to serve our country and people beyond my time as an active duty Marine.

Daniel Dietmeyer, Sr. Engineer

How has military service prepared you to transition to the corporate sector?

Transitioning out of the military meant a whole new way of living and working. I learned that I needed to be committed and structured to overcome many challenges. Having served on a surface ship USS Bridge AOE-10 as an Electricians Mate (EM) helped me hone the technical and analytical skills that have helped me throughout my career. As a governance lead in the Quality Management and Engineering group, I can apply both my education and military experience. The discipline and tenacity that the Navy instilled in me has helped me achieve my personal and career goals. After many years in college and having worked at many different companies, it was not until I joined SDG&E that I found a company that has a great appreciation for the country’s servicemen and women, a company that strives and prioritizes safety and reliability and is also devoted to work-life balance.

Raul Figueroa, IT QA System Analyst II