Preparing for a Save the Day Activation

Even with all of SDG&E’s resources, there are days where there’s an unexpected high demand for energy. To help manage those times and safeguard against brownout, we’ve developed "Save the Day".  When Save the Day is called, we offer incentives to customers who can reduce their energy use.   This helps to ensure public safety and stabilizes the grid.

Using less is the right thing to do—especially if you’re on a rate that calls for Save the Day participation or you have volunteered for a Save the Day program that calls for you to conserve electricity on these days.

It’s easier than you think to use less energy

Come up with Your Save the Day Strategy

  • What parts of your business you can shift to off peak hours?

  • What alternatives can you put in place?

  • Is there equipment that can be switched off when not in use?

  • Is there extra lighting that can be reduced safely?

  • Are there rooms not in use that can be shut down?

Some Save the Day programs, such as Base Interruptible, conduct a test prior to your sign up, to provide a personalized list of actions you can take to save energy when an Event Day is called.

Spread the word to your employees or tenants with this sample email


(Organization Name) is participating in SDG&E’s (program name). This program calls for energy conservation during "Save the Day" activations, which are times of peak energy demand.  This can be triggered by high temperatures, damage to transmission lines, or  power facilities being taken offline unexpectedly.

(Organization Name) will receive notice about the activation up to a day ahead of time, and we’ll inform you as soon as we can.

We want you to help us do our part by helping reduce energy use on these days. These little tips can make a big difference, and we hope you can make using less energy a habit!

  • Turn off all lighting that’s not necessary for safety or productivity.

  • As safely as possible, use natural lighting and supplement it with task lighting.

  • Turn off equipment that isn’t in use or you don’t need for your job.

  • Make sure coffee makers are turned off when not in use.

  • Turn off unnecessary office equipment.

Thank you for your support.

Update Your Contact Information

To receive notifications, visit MyAccount and click on “alerts and subscriptions.” Then click on “sign up for alerts and subscriptions,” then click on “subscribe” next to “alert me of Reduce Your Use Days.”

Assign a point of contact and include a back-up in case that person is out. This person will deploy the reduction plan for your business. Make sure your employees are aware and give them specific actions to take.

Congratulations on Taking the First Step

Participating in Save the Day is an important part of using less energy. If you’re interested in coming up with a long-term strategy to create energy efficiencies that can boost your bottom line, start with our Business Energy Advisor Tool. You can:

  • Study the consumption allocation throughout your building.

  • Compare your business to other like businesses.

  • Find targeted energy savings.

  • Download energy reports.

Sign up now

Depending on the size of your business you can also have an Energy Audit completed by our Comprehensive Audit Program or SDG&E's Business Energy Solutions Program.