Prepare for a Demand Response Activation

On days when energy demand is high, SDG&E may activate Demand Response programs that support our local energy grid. If your business is enrolled in a Demand Response program, you can save money when you reduce and shift your energy use. Here are steps your business can take to conserve energy when a program is activated.

Demand Response for Business

Before an Activation: Build an Energy-Saving Strategy

  • Create a plan for how your organization, team and office will reduce and shift energy use when an event is called. For example, consider the parts of your business that you can shift to off-peak hours, as well as equipment, lighting, and areas that you can shut off when not in use.  
  • Know the details of your business’ Demand Response program and pricing plan.  
  • Review and update your contact information and preferences in My Account to make sure the correct person receives notifications about program activation days.  

During an Activation: Spread the Word 

When an activation is called, revise and share this email message with your employees, team or tenants to encourage them to reduce their energy use during an activation.  


[Your Organization Name] is participating in SDG&E’s [Demand Response Program Name]. This program calls for businesses to conserve energy on days when demand is high. Days with high energy demand may be triggered by high temperatures, damage to transmission lines, or power facilities that are taken offline unexpectedly. 

[Your Organization Name] has received a notice from SDG&E to reduce our energy use from [Time] to [Time] on [Date].  

During this time, please help us reduce our energy use by following these tips: 

  • Turn off all lighting that’s not necessary for safety or productivity. 
  • As safely as possible, use natural and task lighting. 
  • Turn off equipment that’s not in use or necessary for your job. 
  • Turn off coffee makers when not in use. 
  • Turn off and unplug unnecessary office equipment. 

We appreciate your support in meeting our goal to conserve energy. 


[Your Organization Name] 

Energy-Saving Tips

Take these simple steps to conserve energy at your business.

Energy Savings Tips
Precool Your Workspace

Precool your workspace and work areas in the early morning or afternoon. Set thermostats to 78°F or higher, or safety permitting, cycle air conditioning and ventilation.

Power Down
Power Down

Turn off unnecessary lighting in less frequently used areas such as breakrooms, hallways or bathrooms. Power down any unused ornamental or display lighting, as well as electronics and office equipment.

Shift Use
Shift Time of Use

Run ice machines at night and into the early afternoon to build up a large supply.

Charge Off Peak

Charge during Off-Peak Hours

Charge battery-powered equipment, such as laptops or cell phones, before 4 p.m. or after 9 p.m.