The Green Button Can Help You Take Control of Your Energy Usage

The Green Button was created in response to a challenge issued by the White House to give people timely access to their energy data. This feature lets you download up to 13 months of electricity use and work with an app so you can see trends and then save money.
To get the most out of your data, you’ll need to authorize third-party use. Go to Green Button Connect My Data log on to the online service center in My Account. It’s the same place where you pay your bill, get your forecasted bill for the month and analyze your energy use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You or a company of your choice can analyze your energy use patterns and determine how to manage your use.  You can also use this information to evaluate the type and size solar system that might be right for you,
The OpenEI non-profit website maintains a list of currently active Green Button applications you can use.

No. Your data can only be downloaded through the secured login to your information in My Account. Never provide My Account login information to anyone else.

The file contains up to 13 months of smart meter energy usage data, for every hour or 15 minutes of every day. Your electricity use is available through both Green Button options: Download My Data and Connect My Data. Natural gas use is only available through Green Button Download My Data.

With more information, you can make better choices on how and when you use energy. With smart meters installed at most homes and businesses, you probably already have access to your energy use data. The Green Button puts your energy use information in a standardized format for sharing. Having this information accessible and easy to use makes it easier for developers to create innovate apps and consumer technology.

Green Button Connect is the interface that gives our customers more control over sharing their smart meter electrical data with third parties.

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