Adaptive Street Lights Program

San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) offers a metered rate option for customer-owned street lighting, and customer-owned devices. These rates are a part of the Adaptive Street Light (ASL) program.

Unlike the unmetered rate that is based on a flat monthly charge, the metered street light and device rates are based on actual energy consumption.

The rates introduced as part of ASL are:

  • Rate Schedule LS-2 DS: Applicable for metered street lights, on dimmable, customer-owned installations.
  • Rate Schedule LS-2 AD: Applicable for connected devices (e.g., security cameras and cell repeaters that are installed on light poles) installed on lighting poles, on customer-owned installations.

To enroll in the ASL program, please review the program participation guidelines from the Onboarding Package, and any appended materials, and then sign and return the required forms from Section A of the Appendix using one of the following options:




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Fax: 1-858-654-0354
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SDG&E Approved Adaptive Street Light Vendors

  • GE
  • Philips
Adaptive Street lights Program process chart