Attestation to the California Public Utilities Commission of Eligibility for CA Industry Assistance


Only facilities that do not report to ARB under the MRR need to complete the attestation process to receive CA Industry Assistance. Facilities are eligible to receive CA Industry Assistance if they primarily operate in an industrial sector that qualifies for Industry Assistance in ARB’s Cap-and-Trade Regulation.

Authorized Representative Information
Facility Information

Report the NAICS code that most accurately describes the facility’s primary product/activity/service. The primary product/activity/service is the principal source of revenue for the facility as defined in North American Industrial Classification System Manual 2007.

Enter each Electric Service Agreement Number (for PG&E), Service Account Number (for SCE, SDG&E, and Pacific Power), or Account Number and Location Number (for Liberty Utilities) for the facility.

Preferred utility account number to which the CA Industry Assistance bill credit should be applied, if applicable.

Acknowledgement of Audit

Facility representative must sign the statement to confirm that they understand they may be selected for an audit.


Facility representative must sign the statements to confirm that all information in the form is true, and they are responsible for notifying the utility and/or the California Public Utilities Commission of any changes.