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SDG&E Mobile Application Features

SDG&E’s free app for your mobile device gives you more ways to connect with us. It’s one of the first in the industry to offer anytime, anywhere access to bill payment, payment locations, outage maps and even a calculator to find out what appliances cost to run. Download it from the online store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android, and check out the following features.

View Your Weekly Energy Use New!

New feature added in July 2013. See an overview of your daily energy use on both gas and electric meters using your SDG&E My Account login and password. The Energy Chart button allows you to view your past eight days of daily use (refreshed every 24 hours and available for most homes in our service area). You can also browse through your usage history, eight days at a time. The Energy Chart feature is currently restricted to customer accounts with single gas and electric meters. We will be adding more features and additional customer accounts (including accounts with multiple meters and commercial accounts) as they are developed and tested.

Outage Information

View up-to-date outage information for the entire SDG&E service area. The outage map is updated every 5-10 minutes to display all unplanned outages. Information is presented based on circuit, and includes the reported outage start time, the currently estimated restoration time, outage cause, currently reported customers without power, and the affected communities.

Mobile Bill Pay

Mobile bill pay offers you an easy way to access your My Account information. Simply click on the bill pay application and log in. You can review your bills, schedule a payment, and update your My Account contact information. If you haven’t registered for My Account, sign up today.

Payment Locations

Open the payment locations icon to view an interactive map of all 80-plus locations in our service area where you can pay your SDG&E bill in person. You can find the nearest location from any address, check hours of operation, and get real-time driving directions.

Cost Calculator (IPhone/Android Only)

If you wonder how much it costs to run your appliances, try our interactive cost calculator. Simply choose the appliances you use in your home and then estimate how many hours you use that appliance every month. The calculator will automatically estimate your costs and keep a running total for all your appliances as you add them. For example, see how much you can save per year by upgrading all your kitchen lights to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or find out how much that old refrigerator in the garage is costing you to run every month.

The estimates are based on average rates for electricity and natural gas, so your actual costs will vary. The information is intended for demonstration purposes only, to illustrate the impact of choosing energy-efficient appliances and home improvements. Call our Energy Savings Center at 1-800-644-6133 if you have questions about saving energy and money.

More Features Coming Soon

As new features are added to My Account, you’ll see them appear in the SDG&E app for your iPhone, iPad or Android as well.  We plan to continue adding features and improving functionality for greater customer convenience.

Green Button Connect My Data applications

With Green Button Connect My Data, you can send your electricity use data to third-party applications designed to help you track your energy use and find ways to lower your SDG&E bill. Learn about third-party apps as they become available and how to download them at Green Button Connect My Data.

* By clicking the link, you will leave and transfer directly to the website of a third party provider which is not part of SDG&E. The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on that website will apply.