Hazardous weather conditions and high winds are two of the common causes of power outages.

Weather stations across our service area monitor wind and weather along power lines and this information is updated several times an hour on our website.

National Weather Service red flag conditions

Why We Monitor Weather Conditions

We have an obligation to protect public safety as well as the integrity of our electric system.

High winds associated with a Red Flag Warning could cause outages or require SDG&E to turn off power for public safety. If outages do occur, the power will stay off until it can be restored safely. During an outage, estimated power restoration information is updated as it becomes available.

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Wind Condition Level By Circuit and Community

*Be aware that only portions of a circuit may be without power during any outages listed below.

Last Updated: Sunday, November 23, 2014 11:23 PM

CircuitCommunitiesCurrent Wind Conditions24 Hour Max Gust
Outage CauseEstimated Restoration Time
0067Potrero, Barret, Dulzura, Deerhorn Valley, East JamulModerateModerate
0073South Descanso, Japatul ValleyModerateNo Data
0078West Descanso, ViejasModerateExtreme
0079Boulder CreekModerateExtreme
0157Barret, DulzuraModerateExtreme
0175West RamonaModerateModerate
0176West RamonaModerateModerate
0212Lake HenshawModerateHigh
0214South Palomar MtnModerateHigh
0215Northeast Valley CenterModerateNo Data
0217South Temecula, Pauma ValleyModerateHigh
0220Mesa GrandeModerateHigh
0221Julian, WynolaModerateModerate
0222Julian, Wynola, Pine HillsModerateExtreme
0236North RamonaModerateExtreme
0237Northeast RamonaModerateNo Data
0238Boulder CreekModerateExtreme
0240North AlpineModerateModerate
0249Pauma ValleyModerateModerate
0283Dehesa, South AlpineModerateHigh
0350Lilac, West Valley CenterModerateModerate
0351Southwest Valley CenterModerateModerate
0352Lilac, West Valley CenterModerateModerate
0355Alpine, ViejasModerateHigh
0356West AlpineModerateModerate
0357Southeast AlpineModerateExtreme
0358North AlpineModerateExtreme
0440Mt LagunaModerateHigh
0441La PostaModerateHigh
0442Corte MaderaModerateModerate
0448West Campo, PotreroModerateNo Data
0449Lake Morena, North CameronModerateHigh
0470San Pasqual ValleyModerateModerate
0521West RainbowModerateModerate
0524Lawson ValleyModerateModerate
0907Valley CenterModerateModerate
0908Valley CenterModerateModerate
0909Rincon Reservation, Southeast Valley CenterModerateModerate
0971Mussey Grade, Southwest RamonaModerateModerate
0972Northwest RamonaModerateModerate
0973Southeast Ramona, BaronaModerateExtreme
1021Southwest Valley CenterModerateModerate
1022Southwest Valley CenterModerateModerate
1030Hellhole CanyonModerateHigh
1166Dehesa, South AlpineModerateExtreme
1215Crestwood, La PostaModerateHigh
1233Pala, RainbowModerateModerate
1234Pala, RainbowModerateModerate
1458Northeast Alpine, ViejasModerateExtreme
CTL1Palomar MtnModerateModerate
MOR1Mussey Grade, Southwest RamonaModerateModerate
 PE1Pine HillsModerateModerate
 TM1South TemeculaModerateHigh