Wildfire Safety Fairs

Due to social distancing and public health concerns as a result of COVID-19, SDG&E is implementing enhanced community outreach efforts in 2020. As an alternative to annual Community Safety Fairs, we are offering drive-thru events to provide preparedness information to communities at risk for wildfires. We are asking participants to please wear protective face coverings or masks to these events. Please see the information below to learn more.

Come & join us for our 2nd Annual Wildfire Safety Fair

Fire season is around the corner and we want you and your loved ones to remain safe. Learn what you can do to protect your family and property as well as how to become more resilient. We’ve listened to feedback from your community and want to share safety tips that are relevant. You’ll receive information about stocking an emergency kit, developing an emergency plan and designing or modifying the space around your home to resist wildfire. You can also learn about our Generator Grant Program, Public Safety Power Shutoffs and speak to our Meteorology and Fire Science and Climate Adaption team about what SDG&E is continually doing to keep the region safe. See below for drive-thru dates and locations.

We’ll also have staff there to provide
information on:

  • Assistance Programs
  •  Aviation Services
  •  Emergency Management
  •  Energy-efficiency programs
  •  Engineering · Environmental Services
  •  Infrastructure Projects & Construction
  •  Medical Baseline Program
  •  Vegetation Management
  •  Many other industry experts

Drive Through Wildfire Safety Fairs

Don’t miss out on this important event. Preparedness backpacks and buckets will be provided on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. One backpack per car only. Admission is free and includes displays, information, music, fresh kettle corn and drinks while in the comfort of your car. If adverse weather conditions arise, this event may be postponed or canceled.

Student Parking Lot
3305 Buckman Springs Rd, Pine Valley, CA 91962
Saturday, September 12 | 10 am - 12 pm

SDG&E will be participating and providing wildfire safety information at upcoming events in local communities. Check your local community calendars for information about events in your area.

East End Parking Lot Past Casino
5000 Willows Rd, Alpine, Ca 91901
Saturday, September 26 | 10 am - 12 pm