Why Your Bill May Fluctuate

Is there a difference in the amount of your energy bill during different times of the year? There may be several reasons for that.  Before you give Customer Service a call, consider these factors:

  1. Did the price of electric energy change?
  2. Have there been significant changes in your home, such as a new appliance or appliance replacement, the size of your family, in-home guests, etc.?
  3. How does your energy use compare to the same time period last year?
  4. How many days are in this billing period, compared to other billing periods? (SDG&E's monthly billing period may vary from 28-33 days)
  5. How does your average daily use compare with last month or with the same time last year?
  6. Did weather conditions change?
  7. Were there seasonal changes in the baseline allowance during this bill period? 

If you still have billing questions, please call Customer Service at 1-800-411-7343.

You can also view billing inserts which my help answer your questions here.