Trade Professional News February 2016


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  • Reminder of 2015 program close-out deadlines
  • 2015 accomplishments
  • Check out the new Energy Innovation Center refresh
  • Tool of the month
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Reminder of 2015 program close-out deadlines

Although 2016 is here, some of you may still have projects that were installed in 2015 but applications have yet to be submitted. Please note submission deadlines vary by program. Here are the guidelines:   

Rebates: We’ll accept applications up through 3/31/2016, provided the application includes proof the project was installed on or before 12/31/15. For projects installed after the first of the year and applications received after 1/1/2016, current program rules apply.

Incentives: Projects submitted after December 4, 2015 are considered 2016 projects, and are subject to current program rules.

On-Bill Financing: On-Bill Financing applications for products purchased and installed in 2015 must adhere to the applicable program guidelines noted above.

Are there any program changes for the Rebate or Incentive programs in 2016?

The programs for 2016 are a continuation of the 2015 programs. No significant changes apply. When program changes are made, we’ll notify you approximately 60 days prior to implementation of that change, unless otherwise mandated by the California Public Utilities Commission.     

Questions? E-mail us at [email protected].com or call 1-800-644-6133.  

Reflecting on our collective accomplishments in 2015

With a new year come updated energy-efficiency targets

2015 was a great year, but not without its share of challenges. Although we fell short from achieving our energy savings targets in 2015, it's astounding what you – the Trade Professionals – contributed to the savings we were successful in achieving. An analysis of last year shows that Trade Professionals were responsible for about 60% of the total projects submitted, contributing almost 70% of the kWh and almost 80% of the kW achieved energy savings*. This equates to about 20 million kWh and almost 3,000 kW respectively. What does this mean? This equates to taking almost 3,000 passenger cars off the road for one year, and powering almost 1,300 homes for one year.** In a nutshell, it means you play a vital role in contributing to our energy-efficiency goals for both the Rebate and Incentive programs. Thank you for your efforts in 2015 and for helping us make a positive impact on the environment. 

*Data set utilized reflects “reported” savings for the Rebate and Incentive programs beginning January 1 – November 30, 2015. 



Check out the new Energy Innovation Center refresh

Take a tour of our fresh, new educational displays before your next class and don’t miss seeing the rooftop technologies through our state-of-the-art periscope. The Center is located at 4760 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117.

The Center is one of the first ten buildings in the world to achieve Double LEED Platinum® certification*, the highest rating in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification system of the U.S. Green Building Council®.

*U.S. Green Building Council® for New Construction and Major Renovation, and Existing Building Operations & Maintenance. 

Tool of the month

EXTECH Heavy Duty Light Meter with PC Interface (Tool #137)


  • This light meter offers selectable lighting types, data record/recall, relative display mode, and PC interface.
  • This is a microprocessor-based light meter, using a precision photo diode, special functions, as well as cosine and color correction filters.  The meter assures maximum accuracy under all lighting conditions.
  • It also allows users to select from four lighting types, including: tungsten/daylight, fluorescent, sodium, or mercury to enhance accuracy up to ±4% of reading.
  • The Extech 407026 heavy duty light meter has a battery operated data logger module that stores over 8000 readings for later transfer to a PC.

Key Features

  • RS 232 interface for PC and +/- 4% accuracy and “ZERO” Re-Calibration
  • Four selectable lighting types, and super large 1.4” (1999 count) LCD display
  • Percentage displays differential from reference point
  • Data Hold, and Record/Recall MIN, MAX and AVG readings
  • Auto shut off

Our Energy Innovation Center houses a Resource & Tool Lending Library where you can check out the Trade Pro tools for your next energy-efficiency project, or books and DVDs to advance your knowledge about energy and sustainability. These resources can be borrowed for up to two weeks.

Contact the Resource & Tool Lending Library Manager, Ceci Cazares, at 858.496.7137 or at [email protected] if you have questions.

*The selection of goods and services is the sole responsibility of the customer. SDG&E makes no representations as to the safety, reliability and/or efficiency of goods and services selected. SDG&E makes no warranty, whether express or implied, including warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, use or application of selected goods and services. No endorsement is intended or should be inferred.