Trade Professional News May 2015


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  • New Tracking System for Energy Efficiency Rebates
  • Turbocharge Your Success with our July Boot Camp
  • New "Tool of the Month"
  • Don't miss the 10th Annual Energy Showcase
  • New Training Opportunities & Testimonials

New tracking system for Energy Efficiency Rebates

SDG&E has transitioned to a new energy-efficiency tracking system to improve project progress. Automated workflow capabilities means quicker rebate payments to customers and Trade Pros. To secure program funding, we encourage you to make a reservation for projects that are expected to be completed within 45 days.  If no action is taken within the 45-day reservation period, the system will automatically generate an email letting the customer/Trade Pro know their reservation will be cancelled if the appropriate documentation is not submitted.

Turbocharge your success with our July boot camp

The Efficiency Sales Professional™ Certificate Program is 48 hours of training in sales, efficiency, financial analysis, and personal productivity.

The program can help you become an efficiency ‘sales ninja’ and turbocharge your success by:

  • Finding the highest-value customers and getting their attention
  • Mapping the decision-making chain and skillfully assessing motivations
  • Communicating value and blending emotion and logic to neutralize objections
  • Replacing myths with math and escaping the clutches of simple payback period
  • Performing in ways that achieve results

SDG&E Energy Innovation Center  |  July 13 – 17, 2015  |  8:30 AM – 5 PM

Who should attend?
Efficiency products dealers and distributors, architects, engineers, mechanical and electrical contractors, energy-efficiency specialists, HVAC and lighting designers, building owners and managers, utility representatives, commissioning authorities, and anyone else whose success depends on the successful advocacy of efficiency projects. 

Cost: Only $495 down from $3,500! SDG&E is sponsoring a limited number of seats exclusively for members of SDG&E’s Trade Professional Alliance.  Learn more and register

Tool of the month

Hydronic Manometer HM685 (Tool #133)

What it does:  A Hydronic Manometer HM685 is used to balance hydronic heating and cooling systems, check pump performance and set balancing valves. It can measure and display differential, high side and low side pressures simultaneously, without the need to change hose connections or instrument valve settings. The easy setup and intuitive operation make this instrument very simple to use. 

Key Features

  • Provides for inputs for two temperature probes
  • Reads in H2O, ft. H2O, psi, in. Hg, mm Hg, m H2O, kPa or bar
  • Performs on-board universal flow and btu/hr calculations
  • Displays volumetric flow when a Cv (Kv) factor is programmed
  • Calculates brake power, heat flow, Cv (Kv) factors, and impeller sizing
  • Stores up to 4,000 data points for recall or downloading via USB interface

SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center houses a Resource & Tool Lending Library where you can check out the Trade Pro tools for your next energy-efficiency project, or books and DVDs to advance your knowledge about energy and sustainability. 

Did you know that these resources can be borrowed at no cost, for up to two weeks?

Contact the Resource & Tool Lending Library Manager, Ceci Cazares, at (858) 496-7137 or at [email protected] if you have questions.

*The selection of goods and services is the sole responsibility of the customer. SDG&E makes no representations as to the safety, reliability and/or efficiency of goods and services selected. SDG&E makes no warranty, whether express or implied, including warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, use or application of selected goods and services. No endorsement is intended or should be inferred.

Don't miss the 10th Annual Energy Showcase Expo

On June 18th SDG&E will bring your business the latest money-saving ideas for better energy performance for your customers. You’ll see energy-saving products, services and strategies on display; receive one-on-one help at the Energy Solutions Center; enjoy the electric vehicle exhibit; and hear directly from San Diego businesses about programs and technologies that added to their success.

For more information and to register, visit

Efficiency Sales Professional Boot Camp Testimonials

"Mark's presentation and team collaboration is all around one of the best courses I've taken to date. I love that it's interactive, speaks from real-world experience, and incorporates great sales advice.  Mark shows us how to develop a strategy in sales that's focused on people and storytelling first, and product knowledge second. I love being engaged from Day 1 through the end.” 

“Thanks for the great training and ideas. I am going to use what I have learned to evaluate and revamp our current sales process. I am looking forward to future Ninja Networking.” 

"Best speaker ever!  Selling is about storytelling and Mark’s stories are so helpful, plus his jokes are great!” 

Cost: Only $495 down from $3,500! SDG&E is sponsoring a limited number of seats exclusively for members of SDG&E’s Trade Professional Alliance.  Learn more and register.