SDG&E 2014 Energy Storage Solicitations

San Diego Gas & Electric (“SDG&E”) is implementing its 2014 Energy Storage Procurement Plan (A. 14-02-006) approved by the California Public Utility Commission in Decision (D.) 14-10-045 with the following Request for Proposals (“RFP”) and Request for Offers (“RFO”):

1. 2014 Distribution Reliability/Power Quality RFP

RFP issued December 1, 2014. Offers Due on March 31, 2015

SDG&E is seeking a distribution level 4MW/12MWh utility owned Energy Storage System (“ESS”) in lieu of traditional circuit upgrades.  SDG&E expects to provide capacity support to one or more sites and one or more 12kV circuits, in 1MW/3MWh incremental sub-units, from a single contractor. The ESS will not participate in wholesale markets and therefore does not have to meet resource adequacy requirements.

For access to this RFP, interested parties must contact [email protected] for the prerequisite non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which must be signed for access to the PowerAdvocate system where the RFP materials can be downloaded.

2. SDG&E 2014 All-Source RFO

RFO issued on September 5, 2014. Offers due on January 5, 2015

As part of SDG&E’s ongoing 2014 All-Source RFO for Local Capacity Requirements, as ordered by D. 14-03-004 (the 2012 LTPP Track 4 Decision), SDG&E is seeking to procure between 25 MW and 800 MW[1] of energy storage. The energy storage product type within this RFO solicits offers for both third party owned, contracted resources and utility owned resources, as described more fully at The ESS must meet local resource adequacy requirements as well as the other conformance requirements detailed within the RFO documents. ESS procured through the 2014 All-Source RFO will count against SDG&E’s overall energy storage procurement targets for the transmission and distribution domains as well as fulfilling a portion of the need identified by D.14-03-004.   

For additional information on this RFO, please visit: at

The Distribution Reliability/Power Quality RFP follows standard procurement procedures associated with the procurement of regular course of business distribution reliability assets. The All-Source RFO follows procurement procedures established within the Long Term Procurement Plan[2]. Both solicitations involve the oversight of an Independent Evaluator (“IE”) and are being managed in consultation with SDG&E’s Procurement Review Group (“PRG”) and Cost Allocation Mechanism (“CAM”) PRG.

[1] For the utility owned offers, the maximum utility owned capacity will be 787.5 MW.

[2] See SDG&E advice letter 2362-E-A, section II.A.5.b. Procurement Practices and Methods for Long-

Term Transactions, sheet no. 50. This advice letter can be found on SDG&E’s website at:

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January 14, 2015 Bidders Conference – Presentation Materials
January 14, 2015 Bidders Conference – Presentation Materials