Smart Meters

Meeting the Energy Needs of Tomorrow Today

As part of our commitment to help meet the region’s energy demands, SDG&E is making changes to help you get more information about your energy use and find the best ways to save. One of these changes is smart meters. SDG&E will replace all electric meters and upgrade all gas meters with smart meters in the region over the next three years.

What Smart Meters Do

Smart meters are two-way digital meters that communicate energy use information to SDG&E and you. Unlike existing meters, smart meters have a computer chip that records energy usage.

In the future, you’ll get energy use information every hour at your home and every 15 minutes at a business. This information can help you understand how you are using energy so you can make money saving and environmentally friendly changes.

Why Smart Meters

SDG&E and the state have aggressively championed many energy conservation efforts. While this has helped to save energy, the number of days when there has been a potential shortage has grown. Smart meters and the information they provide can help save energy on these high-use days, keeping the lights on for everyone.

Research shows that smart meters will be an important technology to help you save energy. This helps the environment and the state’s economic vitality as well. Smart meters and the information they provide allows you to make smart choices to help you make choices to save money on your energy bill.

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