Food Safety

For Outages Less then 48 Hours

During an outage, minimize the opening of refrigerator and freezer doors to help maintain temperature. You want to keep in the cold air and prevent food spoilage. As a general guide, most refrigerated perishable items are safe to eat for up to 4 hours during an outage but use your judgment with the food you have.

What to do During Extended Outages

During an extended outage you may want to consider purchasing dry ice. Dry ice can be used to help protect the items in your refrigerator and freezer during extremely long outages. Remember to use gloves when handling dry ice, and don’t place it in direct contact with food or drinks.

Always Check for Spoilage

As always, before you prepare or eat food that was refrigerated or frozen, check it carefully for signs of spoilage. For example, if food was put into the refrigerator recently – because it was just purchased from the grocery store – the food temperature will be lower than food that’s been in the refrigerator for several days. 

More Information

Visit the food safety goverment website for more tips and emergency information.