Your SDG&E Solar Bill Basics

Once you become a Net Energy Metering customer, you’ll begin receiving separate bills for your natural gas and electricity. Your NEM electricity bill is different then your previous bill, but once you understand how to read it you’ll be able to easily see your energy use and savings.

Are you a tenant or commercial customer? If so, you might be a Virtual Net Metering or NEM Aggregation customer, and your bill won’t be separated. There are a few other differences, too.  Learn More >


How to Read Your NEM Bill

Read Your NEM Bill


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Your NEM bill will contain charges for any energy you use from the grid, minus any available credit you’ve earned for excess energy your renewable system produced. This means you’ll either have a positive or negative balance. Even if you’ve generated more than you used, you may still owe some fixed fees that can’t be offset with generation credit.

There may be times when your renewable system generates more energy than you need. This typically happens in the winter, when you don’t use much air conditioning, or if you’ve installed a system that’s larger than your current energy needs. If your system generates more energy than you use, the excess will be sent out to the grid, and you’ll receive generation credit. Generation credit accrues throughout each Net Energy Metering 12- month cycle. At the end of each 12 months, you’ll get a “true-up” bill for any remaining balance. You can use your generation credit toward this balance. Then your credit balance will reset to zero for the subsequent 12- month cycle. To make the most of your credit, residential NEM customers have options for paying your monthly bill.

Make sure you get weekly notifications

As a residential NEM customer, you can pay your bill in full each month, but you also have the option to pay your bill only in part, as long as you pay off your balance by your annual anniversary date*. If you’d like to take advantage of this option, be sure to turn off automatic payments. This allows you to build up a balance, for example in the winter when you’re likely to use the most grid energy because your solar system is taking in less sunlight and heat. Then, in the summer, if you’re earning generation credit, you can use them to pay off your balance, or at your annual “true-up” bill. You’ll start receiving a separate gas bill with your current account settings intact. In other words, if you’ve had automatic payments, paperless bills, and alerts and subscriptions set up, you’ll also have them on your new gas account.

*Please note that VNM, commercial, and NEM Aggregation customers will still need to pay in full monthly.

At the end of every 12 months you’re responsible for paying any remaining balance on your account. If you generated more energy than you used, we’ll retroactively apply that to any months you owed a balance. Your generation credit resets to zero at the beginning of any 12-month cycle.

Even if you generate excess energy the entire year, you may still owe some monthly charges on your bill. These are fixed fees that contribute to things like infrastructure upkeep to ensure a reliable grid and allow us to offer you superior service.

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