Increase the Performance of Your Heating and Cooling System

Increase the comfort of your home and the savings in your wallet through quality care of your heating and cooling system. The AC Quality Care Program provides our customers with specially trained contractors to keep your heating and cooling systems running at top, energy-efficient performance.

Sign up and you’ll also get the option to receive a comprehensive system assessment and improvement analysis: the cost is $50, but the improvements could save you hundreds of dollars each year. You may also be eligible to receive applicable rebates up to $306 in value.

The assessment includes:

  • A comprehensive inventory and assessment of your heating and cooling system
  • Energy efficient improvements, such as:
    • Inspection and basic cleaning of the condenser coil
    • Air filter inspection
  • NEW! Smart Thermostat Installation Rebate of $75 
  • A diagnostic report that provides you with a roadmap to make informed decisions when considering advanced improvements of your system

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