3 Ways to Power Up Your Electric Vehicle

 All-electric vehicles give you three convenient options for charging your car:

Level 1 (120 volt)

  • Lets you charge with a standard wall outlet

  • Provides up to five miles of range for each hour plugged in

  • The slowest and least expensive way to charge, but can still replenish a standard San Diego commute of 25 miles or more overnight

Level 2 (240 volt)

  • Cuts the charging time of a Level 1 in half

  • Provides up to 10-20 miles of range per hour

  • Usually found at public charging stations

  • Available for apartment and condo complexes as well as business with the SDG&E Power Your Drive program

DC Fast Charger (480 volt) Supercharges Your EV

  • Only found at public charging stations

  • Provide about 50 miles for every 15 minutes you charge.

  • Locations and availability at the PlugShare website