2016-2017 Energy Efficiency Business Rebates Program Update

The 2016 Energy Efficiency Business Rebates Program is no longer available.

The 2017 Energy Efficiency Rebate Program will be available by the end of the first week in February (non-lighting) and end of March (lighting). The following are the new program guidelines that will be in effect once the 2017 program is launched.

Rebate Application Timeframe & Submission Deadline

Effective January 1, 2017, rebate project applications must be submitted within 30 days of the project’s installation date or final invoice date in order to qualify for rebate processing and payment. 

  • The program will accept whichever date is latest. 
  • Applications submitted outside the application timeframe will be subject to review and disqualification at the program administrator’s discretion. 

New SB1414 - Proof of HVAC Permit Closure Requirement for SDG&E EE Programs 

A new 2017 requirement from the recently implemented SB1414 legislation requires all projects with HVAC, heat pumps, and their related fans to submit proof of HVAC permit closure in order to receive a rebate or incentive through SDG&E Energy Efficiency programs.  The following will be included on all SDG&E EE Residential and Non-Residential customer facing collateral as of 1/1/17 to meet the requirements of SB1414 (California Public Utilities Code section 399.4(b)). 

  • In accordance with California Public Utilities Code section 399.4(b), the customer (or their contractor) must provide SDG&E proof of permit closure before SDG&E will pay any rebate or incentive for the purchase or installation of central air-conditioning, heat pumps, or related fans.

Change in Rebate Delivery Channel for Lighting Products

  • Effective January 1, 2017, Energy Efficiency Business Rebates for Lighting Products ONLY will no longer be paid directly to the customer or a designated third-party payee.
  • Starting in March 2017, the new lighting “rebate” offering will become available for customers to purchase through a simplified participation process with fewer administrative requirements.
  • The rebate for lighting products will be offered and paid directly to qualified, participating lighting distributors, who sell identified products at a reduced price.
    • The amount of the rebate depends upon the equipment/products sold. 
    • This model offers an additional customer benefit of an instant reduced product cost at the time of purchase.
  • An initial short list of lighting products will be available in March. There may be a possibility that the list of products will expand later in the year.
  • Customers will have two options on how to purchase lighting products:
    • Directly from participating distributors
    • Work with the contractor of their choice who will purchase the products from the distributor.
  • Customers whose projects install qualified lighting products purchased through a distributor authorized to offer the instant “rebate” will still qualify to apply for On-Bill Financing (OBF). Standard OBF participation requirements still apply (e.g. pre-inspection, notice-to-proceed, etc.)

2017 Rebate Products Update 

Effective January 1, 2017, the following are updates to products that were offered in the 2016 Energy Efficiency Business Rebates Program:

ID# 402160
Glass-Door Reach-In Freezer 15-29 ft3
New Rebate: $124.00

ID# 402161
Glass-Door Reach-In Freezer 30-49 ft3
New Rebate: $200.00

ID # 402017
501-1,000 lbs. per 24 hrs. Ice Machines
New Rebate: $240.00

ID # 402159
Glass-Door Reach-In Freezer 50 ft3 and over
New Rebate: $800.00

ID # 402035
Space Heating Boiler (Steam)
Rebate Status: Rebate no longer offered

ID # 402158
Glass-Door Reach-In Freezer < 15 ft3
Rebate Status: Rebate no longer offered

ID # 463325
Ref Warehse, Floating Head Pressure, Variable Setpoint (evap-cooled)
Rebate Status: Rebate no longer offered

ID # 463326
Ref Warehse, Floating Head Pressure, Variable Setpt & Speed (evap-cooled)
Rebate Status: Rebate no longer offered

Extended On-Bill Financing (OBF) Loan Term for Public Sector Customers 

  • The maximum OBF loan term for government-funded customers is being increased from 10 to 15 years. This change will take effect with loan agreements contracted after January 1, 2017 for Public Sector customers only.