Promoting Green Operations

Energy Conservation

  • We've saved more than 7.4 million megawatt hours (MWh) since 2003.
  • Our voluntary efforts exceed the goal of 20% reduction by 2015 set for state-owned buildings by the 2004 Green Building Action Plan.
  • We've achieved a 27.2% reduction in 2011 compared to benchmark year 2003 (excluding our data centers).

Water Conservation

  • We've conserved more than 110 million gallons since January 2006.
  • We've witnessed a 22% reduction in 2011 compared to 2008 at employee-occupied facilities.
  • There's been a 71% reduction in 2011 compared to 2003 baseline at electric substation landscapes.

Waste Reduction/Recycling

  • We have a strong recycling program in place with recycling bins and messaging to employees.
  • We've set a baseline in 2012 for waste diversion.

Green Cleaning Services

  • We're using Green Seal certified chemicals & paper products with recycled content.
  • Green cleaning practices are in place.

Filtered Water Program

Our goal is to reduce plastic bottle waste.

  • We used greater than 38,000 gallons of water.  This avoided plastic bottles equivalent to more than 209,000 sport bottles (700 mL size).
  • Other benefits include reduced delivery truck trips.


We're greening our fleet.

  • Electric vehicles. Our passenger fleet vehicles include 13 electric vehicles: 12 Nissan Leafs and 1 Chevrolet Volt all-electric plug-in.
  • Alternative fuel vehicles. 86%+ sedans in our fleet are CNG vehicles (dedicated/bi-fuel) or hybrid-electric or battery-electric.
  • Biodiesel. We incorporate biodiesel into our fuel blend to support EPAct compliance and GHG emissions reductions and initiated B20 purchases in 2012.
  • Emissions. We've reduced our our fleet vehicle emissions by 15% from 2007 - 2012.
  • Recycling. We recycle 90% of Fleet Service waste including: Tires, Batteries, Fluids/Lubricants.
  • Eco-driving. In 2008, we implemented the first Eco-driving program in the U.S. To date, 1,300+ employees have been trained.