SDG&E 2016 Preferred Resources Request for Offers Seeking Eligible Local Renewables Power Purchase Agreements

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Respondents are encouraged to check this RFO Website periodically for updates, notices, and postings. SDG&E, at its sole discretion, pursuant to orders from the CPUC, may change the terms, requirements and schedule of this solicitation. Respondents should monitor the RFO Website for announcements regarding any updates or changes including posted questions & answers. SDG&E will post all solicitation announcements, including scheduling changes or RFO amendments to this website. In particular, check the RFO website for (i) details on the pre-bid conference call and (ii) posting of answers to submitted questions.

  • 5/04/2016 - an updated version of the FAQs have been posted
  • 4/12/2016 - FAQs are now posted

Description of the RFO

In accordance with Decision (“D.”)14-03-004 – Decision Authorizing Long-Term Procurement for Local Capacity Requirements due to Permanent Retirement of the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station (the “Track 4 Decision”) approved on March 13, 2014, and the Carlsbad Energy Center Conditional Approval Decision (“D.15-05-051”), San Diego Gas and Electric (“SDG&E”) is issuing its 2016 Renewables (“Renewables”) Request for Offers (“RFO”) to solicit offers (“Offers”) from owners and operators of Renewable Portfolio Standard (“RPS”) eligible facilities within the San Diego Local Subarea (as defined by the CAISO[1]). In addition to helping meet SDG&E’s Local Capacity Requirement (“LCR”) as defined in the Track 4 Decision, resources procured through this RFO will count towards SDG&E’s Renewables Portfolio Standard goals.

This RFO solicits offers from owners and operators of RPS eligible facilities that interconnect within the San Diego local sub area. Resources offered must meet the California Renewables Portfolio Standard RPS eligibility criteria set forth by the California Energy Commission (“CEC”) - see Section 5.0 RPS Program Parameters for additional information.  

SDG&E is seeking up to 140 MW across all product types included in the 2016 Preferred Resources LCR RFO.

Solicitation Documents

Forms are available on the RFO Website.  Failure to provide the required information may result in the proposal being deemed non-conforming and may disqualify the proposal from further consideration.

Required Forms and Documents

  1. Project Description Form– Please submit one per project (doc).

  2. Renewables Offer Form – please submit one per project (xls). 

  3. Credit Application (doc)

  4. Redline of Pro Forma Agreement (doc) 

    The Model PPA includes some terms that provide options.  Respondent should provide a redline of the Model PPA that reflects the attributes of their proposed project by selecting the correct options.  Terms that do not provide options are non-modifiable.

  5. Electric Interconnection Information

    Note: Please provide copies of completed interconnection studies (CAISO/WDAT Phase II required), and provide the name of the substation and interconnection voltage applicable to the facility as well as the nearest 230kV substation in the Offer Form.

  6. Resource Report - please submit a verifiable fuel resource plan
  7. PVSyst Files - For Solar bids, the full PVSyst file must be submitted by exporting the entire project that contains the prj, met, inv, pan, et.c files and submitting that file through PowerAdvocate®.
  8. Diverse Business Enterprise Subcontracting Commitment and Reporting Requirements (DBE) Form (optional) (doc)

All Offers must be uploaded to the PowerAdvocate® website no later than 1:00 p.m., Pacific Prevailing Time, on the CLOSING DATE (see RFO Schedule).  

RPS RFO Schedule

The following schedule and deadlines apply to this RFO.  SDG&E reserves the right to revise this schedule at any time and in SDG&E’s sole discretion.  Respondents are responsible for monitoring the RFO Website for updated schedules and possible amendments to the RFO or the solicitation process.





RFO Issued

February 26, 2016


Pre-Bid Conference / Bidder Outreach Event

April 13, 2016


Question submittal cut-off date.
Answers to all questions will be posted on the website no later than June 24, 2016

June 17, 2016


DEADLINE TO REGISTER for PowerAdvocate ® access / to download RFO forms and documents

June 24, 2016


Offers must be uploaded to and received on PowerAdvocate ® no later than 1:00 PM Pacific Prevailing Time on July 1, 2016

July 1, 2016


SDG&E Begins Bid Evaluation Process

July 2, 2016


SDG&E notifies Shortlisted Bidders

October 28, 2016


Letter due from Shortlisted Bidders indicating:

Withdrawal from SDG&E’s solicitation; OR Acceptance of shortlisted standing and including Shortlist Acceptance Fee 

+10 Days
after Shortlist Notification


SDG&E issues appreciation notices to unsuccessful Respondents

+3 Weeks
after Shortlisted Bidders accept/withdraw


SDG&E commences contract negotiations

+11 Days after Shortlist Notification


SDG&E Submits Agreements to CPUC for approval

Q2 2017


* Negotiation time will vary depending on proposal specifics including proposed contract modifications.


RFO Communication

The RFO and all subsequent revisions and documents are available for download from the RFO Website ( and the 2016 RENEWABLE RESOURCES RFO event on the PowerAdvocate® website.  Potential Respondents are responsible for monitoring the RFO Website and PowerAdvocate® for subsequent updates, notices and postings.

The RFO website contains RFO forms and documents, the RFO Schedule, and Question and Answers.  All questions or other communications regarding this RFO must be submitted via email to [email protected] and cc the IEs  Jon Jacobs -[email protected] and Barbara Sands - [email protected] by the DEADLINE TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS as specified in Section 3.0 RFO Schedule.  SDG&E will not accept questions or comments in any other form except at the bidder’s outreach event on April 13, and will not respond to questions submitted after the DEADLINE TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS.

Outreach Event/Pre-Bid Conference

SDG&E will host one bidder outreach event on April 13, 2016 which will be an in-person event (with dial-in / webinar available for those that cannot attend in-person). 

Participation in these events is NOT mandatory in order to submit an offer.


Event / Conference Information


LCR RFO Bidder Outreach Event / Bidder's Conference

Date / Time

April 13, 2016 11:00 (PDT) – 2:00 (PDT) (we may not use all this time, depending on the length of the question and answer periods) *


Dial In


Conference ID



Energy Innovation Center
4760 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117


* Please also note that although refreshments will be served, we will not be serving lunch

Please monitor the RFO Website for further details (such as conference presentation materials and final arrangements).  SDG&E will make efforts to notify bidders of outreach event details via e-mail as well as providing this information via the RFO Website.

Any party interested in attending these events should email the following information to [email protected] and cc the IEs John Jacobs -jon[email protected] and Barbara Sands - [email protected]

  • Company name, and
  • Attendees’ names, titles and contact information

RFO Announcements

Please check this website periodically as SDG&E will post all solicitation announcements, including scheduling changes or RFO amendments if any.

Register to Submit Offers

Any party interested in submitting an Offer must register to receive access to the 2016 RENEWABLE RESOURCES RFO event on PowerAdvocate® in order to submit an Offer. To register, Respondents must follow the instructions outlined in Section 2 of this RFO, RFO Website and Communications. All Offers must be uploaded to the PowerAdvocate® no later than 1:00 p.m., Pacific Prevailing Time, on the CLOSING DATE (see RFO Schedule).  If Respondents encounter technical difficulties with the uploading process, they should provide evidence of such difficulties (e.g. a screen shot of the error message) and email the bid to:

The RFO mailbox: [email protected]

Carbon Copy (CC) to: [email protected]  and [email protected]

Emails shall be received by 1:00 p.m., Pacific Prevailing Time, on the Closing Date.

[1] See the CAISO “Local Capacity Technical Analysis” – draft version for 2015 available at:; final  version for 2014 located at: To summarize, projects that interconnect within SDG&E’s service territory connecting to SDG&E owned transmission or distribution facilities at a point that is at or electrically west of the Miguel or Suncrest substations and electrically south of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station 230 kV switchyard bidding as fully deliverable will meet this requirement.  Projects connecting at the Miguel or Suncrest substations are considered to be Local Area Projects for these purposes.