SDG&E Recognized at Balboa Park’s Lily Pond Restoration Celebration

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On Feb. 25, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) joined Friends of Balboa Park, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and Council President Todd Gloria to celebrate Balboa Park’s Lily Pond restoration. Friends of Balboa Park have been busy, together with Park & Recreation, repairing and renovating the Lily Pond, which suffered thousands of dollars’ worth of damage late last summer

During a small ceremony, SDG&E and other donors were thanked for their generosity and their willingness to support such an iconic piece of San Diego.

Frank Urtasun, SDG&E’s regional vice president of external affairs, was on hand to express how honored SDG&E was to have joined and supported this effort through a contribution of $10,000, which went to making the final repairs to Balboa Park’s Lily Pond.

Now San Diegans along with visitors will be able to continue to enjoy the Lily Pond in all its wonderful glory.

SDG&E's Frank Urtasun, Council President Todd Gloria, Betty Peabody of Friends of Balboa Park and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner celebrate the renovation of the Balboa Park Lily Pond
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