2019 Local Area Distribution Controller RFP

Project Description

The Local Area Distribution Controller (“LADC”) system project seeks to procure and implement a new “state of the art” distribution local area control system to augment the Company’s existing Electric Distribution Operations (“EDO”) Distribution System Management and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (“SCADA”) software solutions to support improved operations of Distributed Energy Resources (“DER”) in concert with existing SCADA-enabled devices.

The scope of the LADC System project is to augment the Company’s existing systems for distribution system control. The principal systems involved are the Network Management System software supplied by Oracle and the SCADA system.  The new LADC system must interoperate with these two systems to provide integrated control over a set of advanced DER in concert with traditional grid management devices such as capacitors, circuit breakers, switches, regulators and tap change transformers.  The LADC system is considered a real time control and operational system for the Company. The LADC system should be considered as one subsystem within an overall emerging “system of systems” solution used by the Company to perform its role as a Distribution System Operator (DSO).

RFP Communication

During the RFP period Bidders and all interested companies must submit all RFP subject matter questions via email to [email protected], unless authorized differently by an approved representative of the Company. Do not contact any Company employee in regard to this RFP subject matter. Contact with respect to the subject matter of this RFP, with any other current or former Company employee(s) is grounds for disqualification from participating in the RFP process.  

Submitting Proposals

All documents pertaining to the RFP, including instructions for completing and submitting a response for the RFP, will be found on the PowerAdvocate site, www.poweradvocate.com. Prior to the RFP release date and time, you will receive an email from me that is system generated by PowerAdvocate containing a link and instructions for registration to access the PowerAdvocate site if you elect to participate. All proposals must be submitted no later than 12pm PPT (Pacific Prevailing Time) on February 1, 2019.

Contact Information

To be added to future RFP distribution lists, please email your interest to [email protected].

RFP Schedule

The following schedule and deadlines apply to this RFP. SDG&E reserves the right to revise this schedule at any time and at SDG&E's sole discretion.



RFP released at 10:00am PT 

December 21, 2018 

Last day for Bidders to submit RFP questions  
(Due at 3:00pm PST) 

January 11, 2019 

Company response to Bidder RFP questions 

January 18, 2019 

RFP Close Date  
Bidder Response to RFP - due at 12:00pm PT 

February 01, 2019 

Shortlisted Bidder Demonstrations  
(If requested by Company) 

  February/March 2019 

Award Date (Estimated) 

March 2019 

Effective Start Date 

May 2019