Inspiring the Innovators and Leaders of Tomorrow

SDG&E’s Inspiring Future Leaders giving initiative supports the local STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs of our non-profit partners that are inspiring the next generation of diverse innovators and leaders in our communities. Through this initiative, SDG&E supports:

  •  K-12 STEM learning opportunities, programs, and projects, and

  • K-12 college and workforce preparedness programs with an emphasis on STEM pathways.

Many of the non-profits supported by SDG&E’s Inspiring Future Leaders Initiative are members of San Diego’s STEM ecosystem, one of 56 STEM Ecosystems across the nation. STEM Ecosystems bring together schools, community-based non-profits, professional associations, the private sector, and others to create opportunities for rich and effective lifelong STEM learning experiences.

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Support for STEM Teachers

SDG&E supports STEM K-12 teachers by matching donations for STEM projects posted to Teachers at schools in SDG&E’s service area are eligible to receive matching funds for STEM education projects of $1000 or less (up to a $500/$500 SDG&E match). SDG&E provides a double match (up to a $334/$667 SDG&E match) for eligible teacher projects at schools in disadvantaged communities as determined by the CalEnviroScreen.

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The Elementary Institute of Science

With support from SDG&E, Elementary Institute of Science programs reach over 2,500 students in southeast San Diego.  The Institute is a science-enrichment program dedicated to fostering the intellectual curiosity of San Diego's youth through hands-on experiences that stimulate ongoing appreciation and understanding of science, technology, and the environment.

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Boys & Girls Club of East County

Through partnership with SDG&E, the Boys and Girls Club of East County offers kids the opportunity to meet once a week to explore topics related to science, technology, engineering, and math, including principles of flight and weather. These courses are designed to introduce, excite, and encourage youth from all backgrounds to pursue educational disciplines critical to San Diego’s future.

Learn more about Boys & Girls Club of East County.

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Casa de Amistad

SDG&E supports students at Casa de Amistad with a STEM study companion program to increase both academic achievement and interest in STEM. The program seeks out volunteers with STEM-based backgrounds to mentor diverse and underserved students and to reinforce the value of careers in the science and technology fields.

Learn more about Casa de Amistad.


Women are severely underrepresented in STEM professions. In an effort to encourage girls’ interest in STEM careers at an early age, SDG&E’s #BeThatGirl initiative offers SDG&E’s women employee STEM professionals to schools and non-profits in our communities to serve as successful role models for young girls having an interest in STEM. Our role models - women with careers in engineering, meteorology, finance, biological, environmental science, computer science, and other STEM fields - share their personal journeys, from grade school to STEM professionals, and how STEM skills can influence young women’s future. SDG&E women role models are inspiring a future generation of women to #BeThatGirl.

Teachers and students can connect with SDG&E STEM role models and mentors at FabFems.

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