Valley Center Transmission 
Line Project TL 6926

Our commitment to providing clean, safe and reliable energy means making enhancements to our system, which includes transmission line upgrade activities that will help improve the reliability and integrity of our electric system.

Valley Center Undergrounding


Strategic undergrounding of overhead power lines is one element of a multi-pronged approach to reducing wildfire risk. Most of the existing overhead transmission line (TL6926), in the Valley Center community in northern San Diego County, will be put underground. The remainder of the transmission line’s wood poles will be replaced with fire-resistant steel poles.  

As part of our Community Fire Safety Program, this project includes safety and reliability measures that help increase the resiliency of our electric system during extreme weather conditions in high fire-risk areas. Other steps we’re taking to improve reliability include increased inspections of our electric system and additional tree trimming.

Project Benefits

  • Enhanced reliability of the electric grid
  • Increased resiliency of the electric system
  • Improved electric system safety and performance during extreme weather conditions

Project Schedule and Map

Estimated Start date –4th Quarter 2020     Estimated End date –4th Quarter 2022

La Jolla Undergrounding Project Map

About the Project

This project will take around two years to complete. Seven miles of an overhead transmission power line, along Valley Center Road between two existing substations, will be removed – while leaving intact the existing distribution power line on shorter poles. The new transmission power line will be placed underground along Valley Center Road, Cole Grade Road and Pauma Heights Road. The last three-mile section of the power line will transition above ground, along Pauma Heights Road, where steel poles already support the power line. This double circuit alignment will connect to SDG&E’s substation on Valley Center Road.

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Valley Center Transmission Line Project - Fact Sheet
Valley Center Transmission Line Project - Fact Sheet

What to Expect

SDG&E’s team will work as safely and quickly as possible and make every effort to minimize disruptions such as construction traffic, dust and noise along these streets. Although not anticipated, our work may require us to shut off the power for safety purposes. If so, we’ll contact you in advance to ensure you’re prepared for a planned outage. Construction dates are subject to change according to compliance requirements, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Construction activities often occur intermittently and will not occur concurrently.

Project Updates and Reports

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August 9, 2021 Update
August 9, 2021 Update
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August 13, 2021 Update
August 13, 2021 Update
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August 19, 2021 Update
August 19, 2021 Update

Did You Know?

SDG&E® has invested about $2 billion in a variety of initiatives and technologies over the past decade to help prevent catastrophic wildfires. These initiatives include: 

  • Significant investments to replace wood poles with fire-resistant steel poles 
  •  Building a sophisticated weather monitoring network including enhanced fire and weather forecasting models and updating operating protocols 
  • Building partnerships to enhance the region’s overall ability to respond to wildfires, regardless of cause  

More Information

If you have questions or concerns, please call the Project Information line at (844) 765-6388.