TL673 La Jolla Underground Cable
System Replacement Project

La Jolla


This project is part of our goal to improve the safety and reliability of the electric system in La Jolla and surrounding communities. We’ll be replacing the existing aging, underground electric cable system that has been in operation for over 60 years. The new cable system will be protected in an underground concrete encasement which will minimize the potential for power outages in the surrounding areas and vastly improve reliability to your communities.

La Jolla Undergrounding 2

Project Benefits

  • Enhanced safety and reliability of the electric transmission system
  • Modernized electrical equipment
  • Improved system performance and protection from the elements
  • Increased safety from digging injuries
  • Reduced overall costs associated with potential power outages

SDG&E will be upgrading the underground system in La Jolla as part of our commitment to providing safe, clean and reliable energy.

About the Project

  • The proposed Project replaces and reroutes the current cable system which will:
  • Enhance electric transmission reliability to the La Jolla community
  • Optimize construction and future maintenance work
  • Minimize long-term traffic impacts
  • Protect an environmental archeological site (Spindrift)

Approximately 3 miles of direct-buried cable will be replaced with an enhanced cable system – protected within a new 69kV concrete encased duct infrastructure – for roughly 2.5 miles from near Gilman Court to a conduit package tie-in near the La Jolla Scenic and Via Capri intersection on top of Mount Soledad. From the tie-in point, the cable system will be installed and occupy the vacant (spare) position in an existing conduit package for approximately 2.5 miles to the termination point on Pearl Street/Eads Avenue.

La Jolla Undergrounding

Our commitment to safety means maintaining our electrical system to meet applicable federal and state requirements, and we will always leave your neighborhood better than we found it.

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La Jolla Underground Cable System Replacement - Fact Sheet
La Jolla Underground Cable System Replacement - Fact Sheet

What to Expect

Customers may experience some additional traffic related to the underground trenching along existing streets. We will work as safely and quickly as possible and make every effort to minimize disruptions such as construction traffic, dust and noise along the roadway.

Project Schedule and Map

Estimated Start date – 3rd Quarter, 2021      Estimated End date – 2nd Quarter, 2023

La Jolla Undergrounding Project Map

Construction Notifications and Updates

Coming soon! 

Frequently Asked Questions

The TL673 Cable Replacement Project serves to replace aging, direct-buried underground transmission cables and infrastructure that have been in operation for approximately 60 years. 

Generally, in the community of La Jolla. This project stretches from the Gilman Court area to the Eads Avenue area.

As the existing electric system is around 60 years old, the goal of the project is to improve the community by minimizing potential power outages and lessening reliability challenges.

The alignment was carefully designed based on various factors including land rights, existing underground utilities, route efficiency and the minimization of disturbance to the community and environmental resources.

The construction time windows will be determined by the City of San Diego permits, which we will update once received.

More Information

You may call SDG&E’s Project Information line at (844) 765-6388 or email SDG&E’s Regional Public Affairs Manager, Bernadette Butkiewicz, at [email protected].