Natural Gas Fuels San Diego

Natural gas fuels San Diego. It’s used on a daily basis by households and businesses to heat water, dry clothes, cook food and power machinery.

Between 40%  to 70% of the natural gas delivered to San Diego is used to produce electricity. We rely on natural gas to keep our lives moving and our lights on, and the pipeline project is an investment into a having a reliable energy supply.

Key industries using natural gas

All of San Diego’s key industries rely on natural gas. Take a look at some of its many uses throughout the region:


Tourism is San Diego’s third-largest industry, and it relies heavily on natural gas to cook the food served in our region’s 2,500 restaurants and to provide world-class accommodations for our 33 million annual hotel guests.



Our region’s nearly 200 commercial flower and potted-plant growers rely on natural gas to maintain temperatures in their greenhouses so plants and produce can not only grow, but thrive.


At our region’s hospitals and healthcare facilities, keeping the lights on and equipment running can be the difference between life and death. That’s why many of our region’s hospitals, including Rady Children’s and Scripps, have installed cogeneration facilities, capable of converting natural gas into electricity to power their operations.


Natural gas keeps operations moving for our region’s $7 billion manufacturing industry.


Natural gas drives MTS and the North County Transit District. Several school districts are in the process of converting to compressed natural gas (CNG) bus fleets, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Life Sciences

As one of the nation’s top three regions for biotechnology, San Diego’s life sciences companies knows that natural gas is a key energy source for manufacturing the pharmaceuticals that keep us healthy.


Schools of all levels use natural gas to meet their significant energy and heating needs. In this way, natural gas allows children of all ages to learn in a comfortable environment. For students studying and residing at our region’s colleges and universities, natural gas is used to help cook their food, heat their water and wash their clothes.


San Diego is proud to be home to the largest concentration of military in the world. The defense industry represents one in every four jobs in San Diego, many of which would not be possible without a reliable and abundant supply of natural gas.